4 All-Star Football Blogs We’re Loving

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Football has had quite the start to 2023 with some incredible games, mind-boggling misses, and several tragedies including Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin’s injury and the deaths of a University of Georgia player and staffer. As the NFL 2022-23 season heads into its final weeks, culminating with the big game on Feb. 12, we thought it’d be the perfect time to give a foam-finger thumbs-up to a few of our favorite football blogs.

These sites cover all things football, including game analysis, draft news, fantasy football, rumors, and more. While there are plenty of team-specific football blogs out there for the super fans, we tried to find ones that focus on the entire sport (whether it’s the NFL, college football, youth leagues, or all of the above).

We found so many that we’ve had to split up our list into two parts. Here’s our first list of football blogs that score with readers. Read Part 2 here.

1. Deadspin: For “sports news without fear, favor or compromise”

Deadspin was created in 2005 and is now owned by G/O Media. The popular sports blog is known for its irreverent and conversational stories covering the latest rumors, recaps, and news in the sports world and beyond.

After staffers were told to “stick to sports” in 2019, the entire team resigned. Luckily for readers and sports fans everywhere, the site returned in 2020 (just as the pandemic put an end to nearly all sporting events) and has been publishing since.

Who else watched Netflix’s “The Girlfriend That Didn’t Exist” documentary? (If you haven’t, what’s the holdup?) A large focus of the two-part documentary is the incredible investigative work done by two Deadspin staffers, Timothy Burke and Jack Dickey, into the wild story of college football star Manti Te’o and the death of his girlfriend.

Recommended Reads:

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2. SB Nation: For the fan communities

SB Nation (short for SportsBlog Nation) was created in 2005. It was originally focused on only the Oakland Athletics and has since grown to cover football (NFL and college) as well as baseball, soccer, UFC, and more.

Readers can find the right blog and community by filtering by sport – there are more than 300 community sites to choose from. Stories cover the latest draft news, player injuries, trades, and pretty much everything else.

Recommended Reads:

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3. USA Football: For a focus on youth football

USA Football is the sport’s national governing body and works to develop standards and best practices for coaches and players in youth, high school, and other amateur leagues. “We establish unmatched standards of safety, education and support for coaches and players in order to provide an environment where bonds are formed, skills are perfected and leaders are born,” the site explains.

Blog posts can be sorted by category, a range of which includes content for parents, motivation, coaching skills, physical development, and more. Read the latest tournament news, player profiles, coaching advice, and health and safety guidelines on the regularly updated blog.

Recommended Reads:

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4. FanSided: For the “fanpinions”

This fast-growing site is all about the fans. It was created by two brothers who wanted to share their own coverage of the Kansas City Chiefs and has grown to cover a variety of sports, including the NFL and college football, as well as entertainment and lifestyle.

“Our thought-leading content creators belong to the fandoms they cover, giving our sites the best team-specific, sport-specific, genre-specific, and fanbase-specific coverage possible,” the site says. The fan-centric football sections cover the latest news, rumors, draft picks, fantasy updates, and more.

Recommended Reads:

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