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The latest news in transportation is always zooming along at break-neck speeds. With new advancements coming quickly on the heels of the last, it’s hard to keep up with all the new concepts, new developments, and new products as they are released for public consumption.

Add Auto/Transport News to your site with our free widget - email cld@cision.comFrom the popularization of electric vehicles to changes in the trucking industry, there is a wide range of topics that fold into auto and transportation news. It often needs to be broken down into smaller sections just to allow journalists to dive far enough into each niche of the industry.

In that spirit, there are a great many sites that focus on a specific segment of the transportation industry and keep readers up to date with all of the best tidbits, tricks, and triumphs, sifting through a load of information to bring us the top stories for our information, our entertainment, and our wonderment.

While our regular news site roundups focus on US-based sites, we’re heading north for this edition and shining a spotlight on several auto news sites offering the latest updates for Canadian readers – but the stories can be relevant beyond the country’s borders. Here are some of our favorite sites that are keeping readers updated on all of the comings and goings of this exciting sector.

1. Popular Science

Popular Science is a delightful accumulation of news stories, analytical pieces, and DIY tutorials. Since launching in 1872, PopSci, as it is commonly called, has transformed from humble scientific origins to a bastion of accessible knowledge and opinion with the mission to unpack science and make it easy for everyone.

While PopSci has a phenomenal collection of articles on a very wide variety of STEM topics, the vehicles page is packed full with all the latest news on concept cars, electric vehicles, hybrid technology, and discussions of self-driving vehicles. This makes PopSci a phenomenal resource for the latest transportation trends. Just be sure to give yourself some time to really explore this treasure trove.

Stories to read right now: 

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2. Driving

Driving.ca is another excellent news compilation with categories for not just the STEM side of transportation, but also those that target the everyday driver. The site places a focus on the automotive side of transportation, covering topics such as awards, new vehicles, driver information, and even auto show news.

Owned by PostMedia in Toronto, Driving.ca features a full-time staff that is clearly passionate about bringing the best of car news to the Canadian internet.

Stories to read right now: 

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3. Electric Autonomy Canada

Electric Autonomy is a much more targeted site than the previous ones on our list. This site is specific to the rise of electric vehicles in Canada and features independent and original journalism. It is not specifically tied to any other agency and aims to be a neutral source of information about all things EV.

Here you can find articles on everything from jobs in the industry to charging and vehicle reviews of all kinds and even policy-related stories. This treasure trove of information is a rabbit-hole of sustainable transportation so be sure to leave yourself lots of time to explore.

Stories to read right now: 

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4. Ontario Trucking Association

The transportation industry covers a lot of ground as far as the automotive sector, railways, aviation, and trucking. If you’re seeking trucking-specific information, look no further. The Ontario Trucking Association keeps a very close eye on all things related to commercial road transportation.

Founded in 1926, the Association has grown greatly within the industry and boasts membership with the Canadian Trucking Alliance. It represents a wide range of commercial drivers and very closely follows policy discussions and technological advancements.

Stories to read right now: 

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5. Automotive News Canada

A subsidiary of Crain Communications and headquartered in Detroit, Michigan – just a hop, skip, and a jump across the river from Canada’s own long-time automotive town of Windsor, Ontario – this site is dedicated specifically to the Canadian auto industry. It offers a website, a weekly newsletter, and even a monthly print option.

If you spend time browsing this catalog of car facts and opinions, you can find everything from government relations to podcast recommendations. You can sort news by your favorite manufacturer or view information in video format if that is your preference. Either way, there is a wealth of great information here.

Stories to read right now: 

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