International Women’s Day 2024: Trailblazing A Path for Women at the Top

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The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day (March 8) is “Inspire Inclusion.” This theme highlights the importance of gender equality and empowerment for women and young girls. We must understand the value of women’s inclusion and forge a better tomorrow with an emphasis on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, mentorship and an improvement in leadership pipelines.

So how are women faring in the media industry in particular and how can organizations continue to champion women in the workplace?

Women at the Top

Mid-way through 2023, every major U.S. media news organization was led by a woman. At the time, Amy Entelis and Virginia Moseley were part of a trio that led CNN; they’ve since handed over the reins to new Chairman and CEO Mark Thompson. But the rest of the women from the June article are still leading their organizations. Kimberly Godwin is currently the President of ABC News, Rashida Jones is the President of MSNBC, Rebecca Blumenstein is the President of Editorial at NBC News, Wendy McMahon is the President of CBS News, and Suzanne Scott is the CEO of Fox News.

This impressive list of trailblazers features a first-time woman CEO for Fox News in Suzanne Scott, HBCU graduate Rashida Jones from Hampton University, and the first African American woman to lead a major American broadcast news network in Kimberly Godwin.

These women deserve to be celebrated for their accomplishments. However, there’s still work to be done. Research has shown that many times, women are promoted to leadership positions when a turbulent period is on the horizon for an organization. This in fact was the exact scenario for Amy Entelis and Virginia Moseley of CNN who were eventually succeeded by Mark Thompson in October 2023. This unfortunate occurrence is known as the “glass cliff.”

Changing the Narrative

The aforementioned women are proof that any organization can be led by a woman through strong business periods and challenging ones as well. To change the narrative, board members and senior leadership must consider their succession plans and how those plans often set women up for failure. These individuals must be cognizant of biases such as caretaker bias and savior complexes that can have an outsized impact on women in any workplace, including the newsroom.

Championing Change

Here are three examples of how we can continue to champion women and brands that are doing just that.

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