How to Get the Latest Earnings News in Your Inbox

It’s nearly earnings season. Like many journalists, you’re likely preparing to sift through long statements and charts, seek other filings, cross-check numbers, and dissect the content.

Nowadays, earnings news releases also come with complementary assets, like infographics or a video of an executive commenting on how the company performed for the quarter. Many are also now including updates on companies’ ESG initiatives.

With over 1,000 earnings releases sent via PR Newswire in the first quarter of 2024 alone, we know it can be difficult to keep up. Our team is here to help journalists plan ahead for their earnings coverage and stay on top of the latest financial announcements.

How to Get the Skinny on Finance & Earnings News

If you’re not already a member of PR Newswire for Journalists, signing up is easy. Just visit the homepage and select “Get Started.”

Once you’re a member, setting up a financial newsfeed is easy.

Visit the “My PR Newswire” tab and click on “Create a profile.” Give your profile a name and keep scrolling to add customizations.

PR Newswire for Journalists Create a Profile Button

The newsfeeds can be adjusted in myriad ways to ensure you’re getting the right types of news. Among the options:

  • Company: Add company names to the “Company Name” field if you’re only looking for finance news from specific companies.
  • Industry: Only cover a specific industry? Select from 100+ industry codes — including health, entertainment, environment, energy and more — to help narrow down the results.
  • Geography: If you’re a local reporter, select your state, region or even enter a dateline city to ensure you’re alerted to news related to your area.
  • Keywords: Search for earnings-related phrases like “revenue,” “non-GAAP” or “net loss” to help you find the right releases.

Quick tip: Make sure to select “yes” under “Send to this email?” to receive push notifications.

PR Newswire for Journalists setup screenshot

Know the Newsfeed Options

As noted above, there are several ways to set up a custom newsfeed to ensure you’re being sent the types of news releases that are relevant to your coverage area. Here are a few different ways to configure a finance-focused newsfeed.

  1. If you’re looking for all financial industry news and statements, scroll down to the “Industries” section of the page and select “Banking/Financial Services.” From there, select the geography you need (Ex.: U.S.) and the language you prefer. Click “Create Profile” to see your results.
  2. If you want to see earnings from all companies, scroll down to “Subjects” and select “Earnings.” You can also select “Conference Call Announcements” to help you plan ahead.

Quick Tip: Your newsfeed selections aren’t set in stone, and you can always go back to make adjustments as needed. Test a few configurations to see what works best for you.

If you’re looking for other types of business news, you can select additional topics in the “Subjects” field. You can choose from a variety of finance-related subject codes, including:

  • Accounting News, Issues
  • Acquisitions, Mergers, Takeovers
  • Bankruptcy
  • Bond/Stock Ratings
  • Contracts
  • Dividends
  • Earnings Projections or Forecasts
  • Economic News, Trends and Analysis
  • Environmental, Social & Governance
  • Financing Agreements
  • Investment Opinions
  • Joint Ventures
  • OTC/SmallCap IRW
  • Offerings
  • Private Placements
  • Restructuring/Recapitalizations
  • Sales Reports
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Shareholders’ Rights Plans
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Stock Split
  • Venture Capital

You can select as few or as many subjects as you wish. Once you make your selections, hit “Create Profile” or “Edit Profile” if you’re making changes to an existing newsfeed.

Screenshot of subject code selections in PR Newswire for Journalists

Quick Tip: Newsfeed fields (Industry, Subject, Geography, etc.) operate with an AND relationship. So, for example, if you select the Entertainment industry code and the Earnings subject code, a release will need to be coded for both to show up in your results. The more fields in which you make selections, the more limitations you’re putting on the newsfeed. Our advice is to start broad and then adjust the selections to help narrow down the results to meet your needs.

Ask Us for Help

If at any point you need assistance, we’re here to help.

Covering the companies you wish to keep tabs on shouldn’t be difficult. Feel free to reach out to the PR Newswire for Journalists team by emailing [email protected].

We’ll get you connected with the news you want on the schedule you prefer.

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Note: This is an updated version of a post originally published in 2016. It was originally written by Christine Cube and has been updated by Rocky Parker.

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