Tell Us: How Do You Use Multimedia?

Multimedia and the News Survey for Journalists and Bloggers

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When one refers to the “old days,” it means different things to different people.

In the news industry, we’re talking pre-smart phones, pre-social media, and pre-all things digital.

You could argue journalism was simpler then. Reporters took notes, conducted interviews, got a few quotes, and wrote their stories. Done.

Now, thanks to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms, journalists and bloggers must consider how to incorporate multimedia components into their stories to appeal to a digital audience.

This is true regardless of the media outlet type. News organizations are placing greater focus on video, photos, logos, infographics, and other images.

How about yours?

We would like to hear how multimedia is being integrated into your newsgathering and the types of images and videos you and your media outlet are most likely to use.

Please take five minutes to answer our brief survey.

Keep an eye on Beyond Bylines to see how other journalists and bloggers are using visuals to tell their stories.

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