Around the Wire: ISOJ Livestream, Sports Journalism Tips, and Thunderdome Dismantled

Every Friday, join PR Newswire media relations manager Amanda Hicken as she rounds up five articles from the past week for journalists, bloggers, and other content creators.


1. Today and Tomorrow: Watch the Livestream of the International Symposium on Online Journalism (10,000 Words)

If you couldn’t make it to Texas for this weekend’s International Symposium on Online Journalism, don’t worry. After closing in-person registration, ISOJ announced that it will have live video feeds of the sessions on its website. Two feeds will stream throughout the conference days (April 4-5): one in English and the other featuring simultaneous translation in Spanish.

2. The Demise of Digital First Media’s Project Thunderdome and Why It Happened (Poynter)

One of this week’s biggest stories was Digital First Media’s layoffs and plan to shutter the ambitious Project Thunderdome. Poynter’s Rick Edmonds breaks down the reasons behind DFM’s fall, as well as the split in opinion from other industry leaders. Meanwhile, Poynter’s Jill Geisler looks at the commendable example set by Thunderdome editors who rushed to connect staffers with other job opportunities and led resume training and portfolio reviews.

3. Be a Journalist First, Brand Last (PBS MediaShift)

Andy Carvin, known as the “man who tweets revolutions,” spoke with PBS MediaShift about the labeling of big name journalists as brands: “I think we should see ourselves as building communities around our work. We work to help inform those communities, learn from them, and figure out the world together, one story at a time. I’d rather think of myself as a journalist with a strong community backing my play, instead of a personal brand trying to increase page views and unique visitors.”

4. Why Many Top Journalists Don’t Look at Traffic Numbers (HubSpot)

“We used to show the writers and editors traffic, and told them to grow it; but it had the wrong effect. So we stopped,” says MIT Technology Review’s Jason Pontin.  HubSpot’s Dan Lyons looks at the trend among some major news sites of not letting writers see their traffic numbers. Although it may be helpful to understand what works and what doesn’t, there’s also the risk of obsessing over a popular story and chasing numbers, instead of focusing on quality journalism.

5. 10 Content Tips from Sports Media (Contently)

Contently’s Grace Bello recaps an Online News Association panel that brought together journalists and editors who cover sports. Some of their advice included why it helps to look at and build on your past work,  the importance of editing out non-essential multimedia and digital flourishes, and the benefits of user-generated content.  Ultimately, Bello writes, “Rather than speaking down to your readers, be a place where readers speak with each other.”

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Amanda Hicken is a media relations manager with PR Newswire.  Follow her at @ADHicken, where she tweets about the media, comic books, and her love of Cleveland.

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