Blog Profiles: Food Blogs, Volume 1

Blog Profiles: Food Blogs We Love

Blog Profiles: Food Blogs We Love

Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, PR Newswire media relations manager Christine Cube selects an industry or subject and a handful of sites that do a good job with promoting, contributing, and blogging about the space. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tell us why @BeyondBylines.

(Note: This post was updated on 7/16/21. Check out Volume 2 and Volume 3 of our favorite food blogs.)

I have a confession. I’ve lately been obsessed with Pinterest and the recipes there.

This week marked a personal record in my house with four Pinterest recipes tested in my kitchen. I liked all of them, and each recipe linked directly to a food blog that I wanted to continue reading. This addiction may get out of hand.

There’s an unreal number of great food blogs out there. Whittling down this list to something palatable was difficult. So I imagine there likely will be a Part 2 to this post in a few months. (If you feel your food blog is pretty stellar, please drop me a line and tell me why.)

Now, let’s look at some food blogs.

1. Oh, Sweet Basil

Oh, Sweet Basil looks to reinvent the family dinner. It’s written and managed by Carrian Cheney, of Utah.

I like this blog for a couple reasons. It starts with Cheney’s family. She met her husband in college, they have two daughters now, and they love to cook, bake, and eat together. I also happen to love some of the food they create.

One recipe she gets a “crazy amount of emails about” is for her cheesy ground beef and rice casserole. I have to admit, this looks pretty yummy. I also happened to enjoy this Phemomenon recipe reposted by Cheney for honey lime chicken enchiladas.

Follow @ohsweetbasil on Twitter.

2. Taste Trekkers

Taste Trekkers actually came highly recommended by a colleague. When I dug into it, I found it’s a cool site for “foodies who love to travel and travelers who love food.”

The site is the creation of entrepreneur Seth Resler, who has a big background in marketing, events and broadcasting.

I especially enjoyed a couple posts on Taste Trekkers: Top 5 Best Places for Shrimp and Grits in Nashville and Meet the Nominee: Betony Restaurant in NYC, 2014 James Beard Best New Restaurant Finalist.

Follow @TasteTrekkers on Twitter.

3. Chef in Training

Chef in Training had me at its crock pot chicken parmesan. I loved this recipe so much that I shared it with my sister, and now her family can’t get enough of it.

The “chef in training” is Nikki, a stay-at-home mom who uses cooking to spice up her days at home.

“I love being in the Kitchen and have a great love for good food,” Nikki says, on her blog. “I have some amazing taste testers and get a thrill out of perfecting and finding new recipes!”

Fifty Cake Batter Desserts features an impressive variety of sugar. I also honestly couldn’t narrow down a second choice of awesome recipe here. You’ll just have to check out the huge list of Chef in Training recipes.

Follow @chef_n_training on Twitter.

4. Jo Cooks

Jo Cooks features “pretty darn delicious recipes.” I’m happy to confirm that Jo’s easy chicken enchilada casserole was a winner.

Jo was born in Romania and her family moved to Canada when she was pretty young. She created this blog to share her “love for food with friends and family.”

“These recipes are recipes that my family and I have enjoyed over the years, so share them with your friends and family as you choose,” Jo writes. “Romanian food is not a very well-known cuisine, so I hope to change that here and hopefully turn some foodies onto enjoying Romanian cuisine.”

Another recipe that I will be trying in short order is Chocolate Magic Cake, which is a recipe from Romania and is “magic” because of how it separates into three layers.

Follow @jocooks_com on Twitter.

5. Annie’s Eats

Annie’s Eats is the creation of Annie M., an author, baker, cook, and photographer. When she’s not engaging in her hobby, Annie is a physician finishing up her fellowship in Indianapolis.

The blog, which really is chock full of beautiful photographs, began in 2007.

“I started cooking my sophomore year of college and am entirely self-taught via the internet, cookbooks, and lots of trial and error,” Annie writes. “This blog has been a wonderful way for me to chronicle my culinary adventures and continually motivates me to improve my skills and try new things.”

Brie and blackberry grilled chicken sandwiches? Hello. I also can’t wait to cook up some bacon burgers with bacon onion balsamic jam.

Follow AnniesEats on Pinterest.

6. Bakerella

Finally, let’s close this adventure with dessert. Every meal – at least mine – must end with sugar.

So I found Bakerella.

Bakerella – who doesn’t actually give her name – lives in Georgia. She blogs about cake pops, pies, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and more. The site itself is filled with beautiful art, and Bakerella includes a literal “photo journey” of each recipe.

I found the Kit Kat Cream Cheese Brownies should do nicely for my sweet tooth. I also think Bakerella’s smores cupcakes look amazing. And as long as we’re going on presentation alone – check out these adorable carrot cake pops.

Follow @bakerella on Twitter.

Christine Cube is a former media relations manager with PR Newswire and freelance writer. She’s suddenly famished and now must figure out what’s for dinner. Follow her @cpcube.

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