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Twitter's New Profile Page Design

Twitter’s New Profile Page Design

1. Why Journalists Should Use Twitter: When You’re Fired, It Helps with Encouragement and Job Prospects (Steve Buttry Diary)

Steve Buttry, a media educator and 40-year veteran of the news business, has been a longtime proponent of Twitter for journalists. When Digital First Media announced its closure of Thunderdome and the end of Buttry’s job, he yet again experienced Twitter’s benefits. He shares how it brought notes of encouragement and many job leads for him and his colleagues.

2. Twitter Spring Cleaning: Tips for Freshening Up Your Profile Page (Poynter)

Speaking of Twitter, the site launched a profile redesign on Tuesday. Besides highlighting your best tweets and the ability to pin and filter tweets, the biggest change is the addition of a large profile image. This redesign is the perfect reminder to review your Twitter bio and refresh your profile. Poynter offers a spring-cleaning checklist.

3. Can The Washington Post’s National Push Help Support Local News? (CJR)

The Washington Post recently announced it partnered with a handful of local papers to provide free digital access to their subscribers. While this move will help the Post develop a national audience, the Columbia Journalism Review reports that many local publishers also see the benefits for themselves, viewing it as a new way to bundle the news and retain subscribers.

4. We Need to Talk: 26 Awkward Questions to Ask News Organizations About the Move to Digital (Nieman Journalism Lab)

As more media outlets continue the print-to-digital transition, it’s important for journalists and editors to question their organization’s structure, revenue channels, and audience expectations. Raju Narisetti, News Corp.’s senior vice president of strategy, presents 26 questions to help focus on what matters.

5. 21 Reasons Why College Media Must be Part of Every Modern Campus (College Media Matters)

College Media Matter’s Dan Reimold compiles 21 tweets that explain “the power, influence, necessity and general awesometasticness of college media circa now.” Although some of the reasons are tongue-in-cheek, many – such as the watchdog factor and soups-to-nuts experience it gives students – are excellent reminders of why colleges and audiences should support student publications.

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