New Opportunities in Brand Marketing for Latina Lifestyle Journalists

Latina Lifestyle Journalists

Jeannette Kaplun and Lupita Peimbert

As brands desire to connect directly with consumers via social media, savvy marketers have moved from traditional brand positioning to content marketing.

So as a company recognizes this as a viable means to reach its audience, the demand for a credible brand ambassador — one who connects with consumers — has given rise to an influx of mom and lifestyle bloggers.

Meanwhile, as the Hispanic population grows, the demand for Hispanic brand ambassadors also increases.

Enter the Latina journalist.

She’s poised to help companies and organizations reach their target audience. She also educates the Hispanic consumer and relates her own experiences and opinions of brands in both English and Spanish.

“It’s been a learning process to venture into branded entertainment, whether it means doing product integration, sponsored TV and radio tips, or a Twitter party,” says Jeannette Kaplun, founder and chief content officer of Hispana Global.

“The challenge is to maintain your credibility and offer real tips and information, while trying to reach a brand’s goals. You need to be very careful to not sound like a commercial and transparency is key.”

Kaplun previously served as chief content officer for TodoBebe and was a TV host for Vida@Linea at Discovery Channel Latin America/Iberia.

She said she always discloses her relationship with a brand when writing sponsored posts or hosting Twitter parties. Kaplun currently is working with Downy and Huggies Pull-Ups. In the past, she has worked with Target, Quaker Oats, Olay, Pantene, CoverGirl, Walgreens, Kleenex, Orgullosa, Mary Kay, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal Paris, and The Children’s Place.

“It’s very similar to what an advertorial is in print media, but you need to attach your personal story and use your own voice to be able to engage your online audience,” Kaplun said.

Travel writer and blogger Lupita Peimbert says she’s done “soft” advertising for travel stories.

“I basically ask companies in the travel and hospitality industries to do an exchange,” Peimbert said. “I remain in control of editorial content. I name a brand openly, or sometimes I focus on a topic.”

Peimbert used the example of her stay at Hotel Playa in Mazatlán, while writing several articles on women traveling alone. She mentioned the great hotel (which was true), but focused more on Mazatlán as a tourist destination.

Peimbert began her career as a TV news reporter for Univisión and Telemundo. She also was a reporter for La Opinión in Los Angeles. Today, she manages content on two blogs: and Certain Travels.

So while the PR industry focuses more on social media to reach its audience, brand journalism has brought new storytelling opportunities for Latina journalists.

Credibility, authenticity, and transparency are the secrets to success.

Here are more Dos and Don’ts that Peimbert offered for Latina lifestyle journalists and bloggers:

PR Newswire Latina Journalist Tips

  • Do work diligently on your blog, so that you provide high-quality content. Get out and about and see what’s going on around you.
  • Do respect your work and yourself.
  • Do understand and know your audience. Who are they? How old are they? What is their gender or cultural background? They will follow and read your stories, narratives, and opinions. This builds trust.
  • Don’t sell out to the demands of some brands. This applies when demands go against editorial judgment.
  • Don’t copy other bloggers or the ideas of others. Dare to dig into yourself. Find, develop, and polish your craft and talents.
  • Don’t expect to have clients right away. Stay on the game for a long time, finding additional means to pay your bills while becoming a brand ambassador, if that is your goal.
  • Don’t stop being yourself. Showcase your talent and be fearless. Some may like it; some may not. That is perfectly okay.

PR Newswire’s Hispanic PR Wire is an excellent way to connect with the media relations teams of Hispanic brands. If you are a journalist or blogger who would like to be added to the HPRW press list, please contact [email protected].

Jessica Alas is Media Relations Director, Multicultural Markets and Hispanic PR Wire at PR Newswire. Follow her on Twitter at @alasjessica.

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