Around the Wire: Circa’s New Approach to Covering Shootings, CNN Studies Drones, & More Media News

Welcome to the latest installment of Around the Wire, PR Newswire’s round-up of journalism, blogging, and freelancing news from the past week.

1. The 8 Types of Images That Increase Your Content’s  Psychological Impact (Copyblogger)

Research shows that our brains process visuals better and faster than text. Because of this, writes Alex Turnbull on Copyblogger, the importance of images for bloggers, journalists, and other publishers “goes far beyond ‘looking nice.'” Turnbull has compiled a list of eight image types you should consider using and where to find them online.

2. Atomizing a Tragedy: A Proposal for Improving Coverage of Mass Shootings in America (Medium)

In an attempt to understand the reasons behind mass shootings and other tragic events, media coverage tends to focus on (and unfortunately sensationalize) the perpetrators. While all media outlets have a responsibility to inform, Evan Buxbaum, Contributing Editor at news app Circa, argues for a better approach to covering these stories. In this essay on Medium, he presents Circa’s plan to instead focus on the victims, heroes and communities affected.

3. How to Get Influential Bloggers to Say “Yes” to Being Interviewed on Your Blog (Daily Blog Tips)

One way to grow your blog’s visibility is to build relationships with influential bloggers and feature them on your blog. The problem is that many well-known bloggers get a lot of interview requests and it’s difficult to break through. In this Daily Blog Tip, author Ali Luke shares a five-step process for piquing other bloggers’ interest and getting them to “yes.”

4. CNN to Study Drone Use for Reporting (CNN Money)

As media outlets wait for the FAA’s consideration of unmanned aerial vehicles, CNN has partnered with the Georgia Institute of Technology to study how UAVs can be safely operated by journalists. Brian Stelter reports on the new project and its mission to “accelerate the process for CNN and other media organizations to safely integrate this new technology into their coverage plans.”

5. ‘Almost half’ of the NYT’s Blogs Will Close or Merge (Poynter)

Earlier this week, Poynter reported that the New York Times will be ending its blog The Lede. This is the Times’ tenth blog that has closed, with more on the way.  “Almost half of them will be gone as a blog or will have merged into something else,” Ian Fisher, NYT Assistant Managing Editor, told Poynter. However, that doesn’t mean their blog-like content is going away.

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