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Soccer Blogs We Love

Soccer Blogs We Love

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Oh, USA. #i’llalwaysbelieve

Though we lost to Belgium in the 16th round of FIFA World Cup, it was an awesome match.

If you’re following the games, you know the World Cup is among the largest international sports competitions with a qualification process, reducing the field of players from 200-plus countries to 32 for the finals.

That Spain and Portugal handily were knocked out of the group stage was fairly historic; Spain, of course, being the defending champion.

I’ve come to learn a great many of my pals are World Cup fanatics. In fact, I was forced to recently unfollow a Facebook friend because her World Cup blow-by-blow was too much. (Sorry, Lillian!) I couldn’t quite follow her three to four Facebook statuses each minute, and I started to feel funny that I wasn’t spending my days watching soccer. It’s OK; I’ll follow her again once the competition concludes July 13.

So it’s in this spirit, that we decided it was time to look at some great soccer blogs.

Soccerlens aims to bring its readers the best in football. It was created by Ahmed Bilal in April 2006.

The site promises to do three things: “Inform – by using facts instead of fiction and by placing ‘news’ in the right context and perspective; entertain – by telling a great story that helps fans enjoy football and by creating an open community for every football fan to step in and share their passion; and help football – by covering the angles and the news that has an impact on football’s future, and by actively contributing to the game’s development around the world.”

So, let’s talk World Cup coverage. Soccerlens has been churning out some really good pieces, including World Cup betting: Argentina & Belgium look set to join quarter-finalists.

Also, Soccerlens keeps it easy, if you’re looking for its best posts.

Follow @soccerlens on Twitter.

World Soccer Talk is the “independent voice for soccer fans, featuring daily news and analysis on all of the top soccer leagues and competitions around the world.”

It launched in 2005 and boasts roughly 1.7 million unique visitors each month. Its writers and analysts also have been tapped to appear in broadcast and print, including CNN, NPR, BBC World, ESPN Radio, and The New York Times.

A couple of posts that caught my eye include USA vs Belgium Preview: USA Readies Itself Against the World Cup Dark Horse and Watch Argentina 1-0 Switzerland: Match Highlights.

Follow @worldsoccertalk on Twitter.

SB Nation’s We Ain’t Got No History is a community of Chelsea Football Club fans.

Want to join? All you have to do is adhere to the community’s guidelines.

SB Nation is an online sports media brand focused on developing quality grassroots sites. It features a huge host of blogs, filtered by sport: Baseball, football, basketball, college, hockey, soccer, and combat sports.

We Ain’t Got No History did a great wrap up of the US’s loss to Belgium in Belgium sneaks past the United States in extra time.

And, take a gander at this video (36 reasons to get excited about Diego Costa).

Follow @WAGNH_CFC on Twitter.

Caught Offside is part of the London-based fanatix network.

The site covers transfer rumors, video, World Cup, and sports news. It features teeny clickable jerseys across the top that allow users to check out various football clubs.

The amount of information within each channel is pretty incredible: Club and transfer news, live scores, team line-ups, gossip, rumors, video highlights, and social media.

A couple of notable Caught Offside posts include 10 Best Represented Clubs Left at World Cup, With Arsenal & Chelsea Near Top and Ranking the 5 Best Keepers at The World Cup So Far, With Impressive Liverpool & Arsenal Target.

Follow @caughtoffside on Twitter.

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