Around the Wire: The Economist Offers Bite-Sized News, New Yorker’s All-Access Pass Now Over

Welcome to the latest installment of Around the Wire, PR Newswire’s round up of journalism, blogging, and freelancing stories from the past week.

Screenshots of The Economist's Espresso app (iPhone version)

Screenshots of The Economist’s new Espresso app (iPhone version)

1. The Economist Espresso Offers Bite-Sized Dose of Daily Global News (10,000 Words)

In the era of 140 characters, all of our news seems to be streamlined. And the Economist is following suit. Now offering a twice daily briefing, Espresso, The Economist aims to give readers a roundup of what’s important today. The news brief can be absorbed in a matter of minutes.

This is the first daily news offering in The Economist’s 171-year history.

2. The New Yorker Rolls Out Metered Paywall (Capital New York)

The carefree summer of fun is over at The New Yorker. This week, it shifts most, but not all content behind a paywall. After recently opening the doors with an all-access pass, you now will be able to access six pieces a month without a subscription. It will be interesting to see if the content, or lack thereof, is enough to draw new subscriptions.

3. Wall Street Journal to Drop Sunday Journal and Wall Street Journal Radio Network (

The Wall Street Journal is not immune to the downsizing many print outlets have seen over recent months. The Journal announced this week it no longer will print the Sunday Journal and will cease radio operations.

While this may surprise some readers, it’s a calculated move. To do what the Journal does best and continue to grow, executives there believe they must take a quality over quantity mindset and focus on what’s central to success.

4. Ben Smith, @crushingbort and @blippoblappo Talk About Plagiarism (Poynter)

As the digital age of media continues to evolve, so does the issue of plagiarism. Just this year we’ve seen a number of “copy and paste” issues blurring the lines of credibility.

The following Q&A discusses recent issues at BuzzFeed, the current state of Fareed Zakaria’s work, and anonymous sources.

5. Media News & Moves for Week of Nov. 10 (PR Newswire MEDIAware)

MEDIAware details who went where in the world of media over the past week. This week’s updates include staff additions at Fortune Magazine, a return to the Los Angeles Times, and a jump from Politico to The Wall Street Journal’s White House coverage.

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