Around the Wire: Tips for Freelancers in a Danger Zone, Time Inc. Tops in Buzz, Reuters to Cut Jobs

Welcome to the latest installment of Around the Wire, PR Newswire’s round up of journalism, blogging, and freelancing stories from the past week.

1. For Freelancers Alone In Danger Zones, A Communications Plan Is Crucial (PBS Media Shift)

Being a journalist in a conflict zone is difficult enough. As a freelancer, the degree of difficulty is that much greater. There is no one to fall back on, and no office to consult when things begin to escalate. Preparing a communications plan not only is smart, but it could save your life.

2. Time Inc. Leads Magazines In Generating Social Buzz (New York Post)

It was announced this week that Time Inc. is tops when it comes to generating social media followers. The leading four publishers garnered a significant amount more than those that round out the Top 10.

Most surprising is National Geographic Society edged out Hearst, due largely to its photographic images.

I guess a picture really is worth a thousand words. Or in this case, followers.

3. Reuters To Cut Jobs Despite Budget Increase (BuzzFeed News)

Layoffs loom as Reuters is expected to cut 55 editorial jobs. Though there will be a 1 percent increase in the 2015 budget, it is not enough to uphold the current staff. In addition, Reuters will begin to transition resources to areas with more growth potential. Fortunately, some — but not all — will find new opportunities within the company due to this restructuring.

4. Kim Kardashian’s Paper Magazine Photos Are Lewd, Shrewd PR (Ragan’s PR Daily)

Looking past the suggestive images, there are things that can be taken away from this. Did she break the internet? No, not even close. Was the media buzz that followed impressive? It absolutely was. You can debate the content as gratuitous and over the top, but not the fact that she accomplished exactly what she was looking for, an enormous PR event.

5. Media News & Moves For Week of Nov. 17 (PR Newswire MEDIAware)

MEDIAware details who went where in the world of media over the past week. This week saw a few changes at The New York Times, a promotion at CNN Digital, and a departure from Chicago Tribune.

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Ryan Hansen is an audience researcher with PR Newswire keeping track of the latest New York media moves. Follow him @RPH2004 for tweets about media, food, and his general take on something that may be irrelevant.

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