Around the Wire: Je Suis Charlie, Citizen Reporters in India, and More Media News

Welcome to the latest installment of Around the Wire, PR Newswire’s round up of journalism, blogging, and freelancing stories from the past week.

Image by Almusaiti; Used under CC BY 2.0

Image by Almusaiti; Used under CC BY 2.0

1. Proud to Offend, Charlie Hebdo Carries Torch of Political Provocation (The New York Times)

This week, extremists carried out one of the most heinous crimes against journalists the world has ever seen. Storming the offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, religious fanatics executed staff members along with two police officers (as of 1/8).

For Charlie Hebdo, which routinely published cartoons that satirized religion and politics, nothing is off limits. Pushing the envelope, the paper has faced constant threats, even a fire bombing in 2011. Yet this type of satirical humor is something that is based in French culture dating back to the days of Marie Antoinette. It’s something the paper has championed since its inception in 1970.

2. How Citizen Reporters in India Provide us With Some of Our Best Stories (The Guardian)

Adding yet another layer to the new journalism landscape, The Guardian has created a citizen reporting program. Taking citizens and training them on what it takes to create and deliver a story, the paper hopes to discover issues and events that national and international media outlets are failing to pick up.

This past October The Guardian dispatched these citizen journalists in Mumbai and Surat. What resulted were 11 commissioned stories covering a broad spectrum of topics, giving these cities a voice in their own people’s words.

3. Slow Journalism: Deep Storytelling in the Digital Age (National Geographic, Explorers Journal)

The idea of slow journalism seems to contradict the era we live in today. With 24 hour news cycles and social media dominating the way we absorb news, anything more than a tweet begins to feel to0 long. But maybe that’s just it. Maybe, for those truly interested in the craft, these stories will rejuvenate and inspire writers to look for more depth in their reporting.

If nothing else, it should make for an enjoyable read.

4. AP Stylebook, Parenting Edition (Poynter)

Maybe it’s the dad in me first and then the journalist, but either way, I couldn’t resist this post. A style refresher always is a good thing, but now when I am complaining about childcare costs or emailing about needing a baby sitter, I’ll know I have it right.

5. Charlie Hebdo Attack: Cartoonists Respond (The Wall Street Journal/Speakeasy)

Rounding out this week’s five, a tribute to the fallen journalists at Charlie Hebdo. This was most appropriately done by their colleagues across the globe, fellow cartoonists.

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