Around The Wire: John Kerry Addresses Journalism Safety & Should Journalists Care About #SOTU?

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1. Should Journalists Care About the State of the Union Address? (Columbia Journalism Review)

If you ask my personal opinion, the State of the Union is still an American event that should command the attention of the nation. However, the numbers say otherwise.

The general feeling among the public and news media is that the proposals touted during the speech have little chance of success. As this article indicates, only 41% of policies referenced during the State of the Union actually come to fruition.

Add to this the decline in viewership numbers and we find ourselves with a growing trend among news media that #SOTU is not as important to cover as it once was.

2. John Kerry Addresses Journalism Security (POLITICO)

The safety of journalists has been a hot topic as of late. Whether stationed in areas of conflict or in light of the events surrounding Charlie Hebdo, protecting our purveyors of free speech and freedom of information is vital.

This past Tuesday, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke at a Journalist Security Conference in Washington, DC.  Speaking about the inherent risks of the profession, Secretary Kerry also  acknowledged that today’s threats are significantly different than those of the past.

3. How Buzzfeed Leaves No Article Behind on Social Media (The Media Briefing) 

Social sharing is the name of the game for new media companies. Articles are posted, clicked on and passed along with a fervor – something Buzzfeed and other more digital-forward media outlets are thriving on. How does this affect traditional news sources who are left trying to catch up?

4. Power Lunches Are Out; Crumbs in the Keyboard Are In (The New York Times)

As a distinct sign of the times, today’s never ending media cycle has killed lunch. Yes, you no longer have time to sit down and eat, unless it is over your desk.

Imagine the implications of not viewing your Twitter feed for an hour? To a young generation of media up and comers, it’s not an option. And it’s sending shivers up the spines of the old guard.

5. Media News and Moves for the Week of January 19 (PR Newswire’s Media Moves)

Media Moves keeps you up to date with who went where in the world of media. This week’s edition includes new senior editors at The New Republic, promotions and additions at The New Yorker and a new mobile news staff writer at Buzzfeed.

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