Around the Wire: Ethics of Digital Photojournalism, New Rules for Drone Journalism & More Media News

Welcome to the latest installment of Around the Wire, PR Newswire’s round up of journalism, blogging, and freelancing stories from the past week.


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1. New Rules Governing Drone Journalism are on the Way – And There’s Reason to be Optimistic (Nieman Lab)

The future of drone journalism has been in doubt for some time now. Until recently, regulations had been rather strict on what a newsroom could and could not do when it came to drones. But this week new guidelines have emerged and they are much more forgiving than most had expected.

Under the new terms, drone journalism has a future. As stated in this article, drones will begin to become “part of the equipment” a newsroom has at their disposal. An exciting revelation for journalists and their audiences.

2. Debating the Rules and Ethics of Digital Photojournalism (The New York Times)

This year’s World Press Photo competition did more than just showcase the top images of 2014. Due to an increase in disqualifications associated with post-processing practices, the event has led to an open debate on the ethics surrounding photojournalism. With digital manipulation of imagery accessible, and to a certain extent acceptable, it will be interesting to see how this affects the future for photojournalists.

3. ‘Tweet Your Story Four Times’ and Other Advice from’s Erica Palan and Diana Lind (Poynter.)

Writing an article comes naturally to a journalist. It’s the foundation of their craft. And no matter how compelling the subject matter may be, gaining an audience for your work can be incredibly difficult.

Here,’s Erica Palan and Diana Lind divulge their top tips for social sharing.

4. David Carr Championed Digital Media – And Called Bullshit on It (Mashable)

Last week, journalist David Carr passed away. A columnist at The New York Times since 2002, Carr penned the “Media Equation” column every Monday. As traditional media began to change over the past 10 years, he was not only a staunch critic, but also one of its first supporters. His take on embracing digital journalism became paramount not only to his success, but the Times as well.

5. Media News and Moves for the Week of February 16 (PR Newswire’s Media Moves) 

Media Moves keeps you up to date with who went where in the world of media. This week’s edition includes a new host at the helm of NBC’s Nightly News broadcast, changes at the Los Angeles Times and a shuffling of roles at The Hill.

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