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Memorial Day is dedicated to remembering military men and women who died while defending their country.

While this is a time to honor those who lost their lives, this week’s blogs focus on the families of those who have enlisted and the stories they share about keeping it together while their spouse is called to duty.

Krystel is the wife and mom behind Army Wife 101. She is also the VP of Branding and Outreach for and co-founder of, a monthly subscription box for military spouses.

Army Wife 101’s motto is “sharing my life… helping with yours.” Krystel lives up to that motto with the community of bloggers she has cultivated through her blog. Her blog covers military life and offers advice for supporting military spouses during deployment as well as ideas for care packages to send off to loved ones.

My favorite post is 10 Things That Should Come with Military Life. It’s a wish list, but I don’t think anything on it is unreasonable seeing as their spouse will be away for months at a time.

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Cammo Style Love is written by Rheanna, whose husband is currently serving in the Air National Guard. She writes about life with their three kids and life as a military family.

It’s a joy to read about Rheanna’s family life and how she works hard to make things normal with her husband’s crazy work schedule. She knows how to help kids adjust to military life after thirteen years and offers advice on what to expect from boot camp for spouses, girlfriends and fiancées.

Cammo Style Love also offers a long list of links to websites for family and service member support as well as a list of resources for female service members.

Follow @RheChristine on Twitter.

Lauren is a Military Wife and Mom but her blog is for all moms and wives.  As a tired mom, I can relate to her articles on motherhood and rejoice that I no longer have toddlers running around.

Lauren does not hold back writing about military life, with stories about why it’s hard to be a military wife to how difficult reintegration is on a family.  She also uses that straightforward tone in her articles on parenting, like The Secret Only Moms of Toddlers Really Know and When Nothing Prepares You for New Motherhood.

Follow @mommilitarywife on Twitter.

Jo, My Gosh! started when Jo’s fiancé, now husband, was deployed for the first time in their relationship.  Sharing care packages she created for her Navy man and voicing her feelings online led to blogging about DIY projects and advice she wishes she received about being a military spouse.

Many of Jo’s articles work for non-military life as well as for military relationships. Reading Strengthen Your Military Marriage in 5 Minutes (or Less!) a Day convinced me that I could easily do these things too.

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