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Welcome to Blog Profiles. Each week, we select an industry or subject and a handful of sites that do a good job promoting, contributing, and blogging about the space. We’re looking at dad blogs this week since Father’s Day is coming up. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tell us why @BeyondBylines.

The role of the traditional father has changed so much over the years. Dads are no longer expected to be the sole provider. You also probably don’t hear “just wait till your father gets home!” in many households anymore.

Modern dads are changing diapers, doing dishes, joining the PTA, and playing more with their kids than in the past. I can honestly say that my dad did not change one diaper. He had five kids and he would pass diaper duty off faster than he could say, “meet you at the golf course.”

It may seem like moms are the only parent bloggers out there, but there are so many great dad bloggers, too. Since Father’s Day is coming up, we are featuring some great dads you should be following.

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1. Gay NYC Dad 

Gay NYC Dad covers everything from adoption to entertainment and so much in between. Mitch’s blog is about more than just parenting, but I truly enjoy his parenting anecdotes. Plus, he and I agree that it’s okay to room with your kid in college.

As an Orange is the New Black fan, I stalked Mitch on Instagram and could not wait to get a behind the scenes look at his trip to Litchfield Prison.

Follow @GayNYDad on Twitter.

2. DadaPalooza

I’m seeing a trend with dad bloggers that is not typical of many other bloggers – there are no “About Me” sections! This is driving me crazy.  It is the first place I go whenever I go to a new blog.

Even so, I’ve learned that DadaPalooza’s kid is as picky as my kid and, just like my kid, will eat plain toast but not buttered.  We both agree that the Man with the Yellow Hat is a terrible parent, but that another dad blogger writing as if he’s the Man with the Yellow Hat is brilliant.  I also discovered that there is such a thing as a Sweets and Snacks Expo and enjoyed his thoughts on trending candies.

I guess there is something to this no “About Me” page — I certainly seem to know more about him now.

Follow @dadapalooza on Twitter.

3. And I’m the Dad

I try so hard to remember to write down what my kids say because they can be funny, but I never do. And I’m the Dad not only writes it down, he created a blog to share his “scripts and scraps” from his “real-life parenting sitcom.”

There aren’t many pictures on this blog – it’s mainly full of conversations – but I must say that the photo and conversation about streaking with his daughter had me laughing out loud at my desk.

Dad recorded a conversation his family had about suicide that tugged at my heart strings as he shared his own struggles with depression. A few weeks later, Dad did a follow-up post responding to two comments he received. One comment was from a reader with depression and combat-related PTSD who wants to commit suicide. In true dad fashion, the writer explains that he has value and encourages him to find a place in the universe.

You may have also seen Dad’s Lunch Notes on Mashable. If you haven’t, you should definitely take a look. His kid was having a rough time at school, so he started making notes to put with his lunch and shared them.

Follow @AndImtheDad on Twitter.

Finally, to all dads – Happy Father’s Day!

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