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Another year, another Father’s Day approaches. As a father myself, I really enjoy getting to spend quality time with my children. I do this regularly but I will say that there is something special about getting all the attention on that day.

When life gets tough and busy, there’s nothing that I enjoy more than getting to do fun activities with the kids.

Now that we are over a year into the pandemic, finding new activities to keep them entertained has become increasingly difficult. So in order to make this summer and Father’s Day 2021 an unforgettable one, I’ve gathered some great dad blogs and resources for all the fathers out there.

We haven’t recognized dad blogs in a while. Check out Dad Blogs, Volume 1, which we posted back in 2015.

1. Direct Advice 4 Dads (DAD)

Direct Advice 4 Dads has some of the best blog posts for parenting I’ve seen in a while. It’s partly due to the humorous blog titles, including The rules of kids’ fight club. The DAD blog also captures all the humor of an experienced father.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting an eye-roll so hard my daughter has to run after her eyes as they roll down the street. Reading this blog really left me feeling understood in my decision to lean into my life of poor puns and bad humor.

You’ll get great tips and a good laugh from the DAD blog, so enjoy and make sure to subscribe for a continued good time.

Here are a couple other great reads: A Dad’s Guide to Sleeping on the Floor and 6 obvious and dangerous mistakes not to make at your toddler’s party.

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2. Lunchbox Dad

I’m not sure how many of the dads reading this have taken the time to pack their kid’s lunch in the morning. From my experience being single and a father for 12 years, the morning routine is one of the most rushed and hectic experiences of my life.

Getting the kids dressed, making breakfast, and keeping my sanity intact is difficult as is. But now I also have to make something fun and tasty that will stay fresh until lunchtime. This can seem impossible. The Lunchbox Dad is a wonderful resource to unpack over the summer. It’s especially helpful as we prep for a fall semester of in-person learning.

This blog provides new and fun ideas for kids’ lunches that are sure to have your child excited to go to school with a meal to show off.

A couple good reads: How to Make a Baby Yoda Grogu Sandwich for Star Wars Day May the 4th! and A Beverley Cleary The Mouse and The Motorcycle Food Art Lunch Recipe.

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3. Out With The Kids

The Out With The Kids (OWTK) blog is a resource to guide me through my next phase in parenting — the teen years. It’s written by a dad with several years of experience and there’s nothing more grounding for me than getting guidance from someone who has done it.

Being a new parent can sound scary but for some reason being a parent to a teenager feels a lot scarier. The upside is that I now have some pretty cool roommates that I can force to do fun things with me. All of this can seem daunting but most parents will tell you there is nothing more rewarding than getting to guide these humans as they grow into who they always were.

The OWTK blog will be a source of comfort for anyone looking for fun activities and advice as you watch your little ones become young adults.

I recommend reading Discover The Newest and Best National Park and Laughing Our Way Into The Teen Years.

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4. Mr. Dad

The Mr. Dad blog produces the most content on a regular basis. One thing I’ve learned over the years of being a father is that consistency is key. Children want to know that no matter what is happening in the outside world that they have a structured and stable home environment. Nothing is more important.

You’ll get answers to the deep questions on the Mr. Dad blog. You’ll also find a medley of resources to pull from to have fun with your kids in the meantime. I highly recommend visiting the Pinterest page as there are dozens of activities ready to pull from.

Check out these posts: Disciplining Stepchildren: Can You? Should You? and Overcoming Picky Eating.

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