Nowhere to Hide: TV Journalists Face the Pressure of Cosmetic Procedures

TV Journalists and Cosmetic Surgery and Procedures

They say the camera doesn’t lie.

It used to be that plain, ol’ high-definition television would provide enough pressure for some TV journalists and media personalities to fine-tune trouble spots. But new ultra, HD 4K technology with its 8.2 million pixels already has some people thinking.

“Today’s electronics show everything and as the ability of TV electronics improve, this fact will only become more apparent,” said Norman M. Rowe, M.D., M.H.A., L.L.C. “I noticed in my practice local television personalities on the increase around the time that the first generation high-definition TV became popular.”

While there aren’t any immediate plans for live, 4K broadcasts, Netflix and Amazon already are streaming 4K content and many smartphones have the ability to record 4K video.

Nowhere to Hide

Whereas only big screen actresses and actors previously considered cosmetic procedure, today’s TV regulars now must deal with little place to hide.

“Most frequently, female media personalities request Botox and dermal fillers for facial lines, wrinkles and areas of deflation,” said Mirwat S. Sami, of Houston Oculofacial.

Sami said she believes lifestyle and entertainment reporters covering these types of media trends learn more about the procedures, see the results, and therefore have less inhibitions going down that path.

“The need to stay youthful and relatable to their audience are important factors,” she said. “Anchors and other journalists are a close second.”

Cosmetic Procedures for Different Media PersonalitiesMarisa Azaret CNN Quote

Marisa Azaret, psychologist and medical contributor for CNN en Español, explains that Latina media personalities might emphasize different aspects of their physique.

“There is an important concept for Latinas, what we call being ‘presumida’ [vanity] … it is a concept very ingrained in our culture, emphasizing youthfulness and sensuality, without forgetting our fascination with curves,” Azaret said.

And what about guys? In today’s competitive job market, Sami explains that males struggle as much as women to maintain vitality and vigor, and the use of Botox and surgery for males definitely has increased.

“Males are now seeking out eyelid lift surgery for cosmetic reasons more than they did before to continue to appear youthful and refreshed,” Sami said.

Men also like to keep things a bit more natural.

“Men are very fond of looking refreshed but not too ‘fake,'” Rowe said. “They are proud of their smile lines, they are a sign of being experienced and trustworthy. In the finance world, it’s called the Wall Street Wrinkle.”

Cosmetic Procedures and Self Esteem

It’s easy to see how cosmetic procedures may help self-esteem.

But Azaret warns that a percentage of the population can take it too far, endangering their lives and losing perspective of what being attractive is all about.

“I am not talking about the woman who obsesses about surgeries, whose expectations are unrealistic propelling her into a dangerous and very sad terrain,” Azaret said. “There are the ones who can be diagnosed with body dysmorphia. The answer is in a good balance and also a good conversation with a doctor you trust.”

She says the greatest challenge for journalists is to nurture their self esteem and be gentle with themselves.

“Youth and beauty takes you so far,” she said. “The rest is hard work, determination, and a desire to continue being the best that you can be.”

Are TV journalists the only ones feeling the pressure? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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Jessica Alas is Multicultural Audience Director at PR Newswire. Follow her at @alasjessica.

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