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Lifestyle and Wellness Blogs

Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, PR Newswire selects an industry or subject and a handful of sites that do a good job promoting, contributing, and blogging about it. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tell PR Newswire audience relations manager Christine Cube why on PR Newswire for Bloggers.

I get a great many blog submissions through the contact form on the PR Newswire for Bloggers site.

Among the most popular submissions – lifestyle and wellness blogs.

So that’s who we’re highlighting this week.

TheVogueVibes is a Manchester-based lifestyle site whose audience is 18- to 35-year-old adults.

“We freaking love coffee at VogueVibes,” the blog says. “We love quality. We love electronic and EDM music. We like fashionable clothing and we like being able to express our opinions freely. We love good looking websites. We are beer connoisseurs. We love cycling and transport. We love architecture. We are fans of interesting people. We are nice. We have a lot of fun.”

They are nice. They also have some pretty great content.

A few awesome posts that stood out to me include Music/Style Icon: Diana Ross, Las Vegas’ 5 Best Casinos, and How to Dress With Style When a Motorcycle is Your Main Form of Transport.

Follow @VogueVibesMag on Twitter.

Michelle Rogers Healthy Living aptly describes Rogers’ journey from weight loss to healthy living.

“I was inspired to start this project after taking control of my health and losing 60 pounds, and the profound difference that made in every area of my life,” Rogers writes. “Essentially, I discovered the connection between feeling good and looking good, and the confidence that comes from that.”

Rogers covers health, beauty, recipes, reviews, and celeb news.

Some posts that caught my eye include Take 10 Daily, What a Penguin Taught Me About Ability, and Warm Up a Cool Day With Hearty Chicken Pot Pie. (Honestly, that last post was too yummy for words. I’m going to have to make that recipe ASAP.)

Follow @MRhealthyliving on Twitter.

Let’s Regale is the healthy living blog of San Francisco native Valerie.

Cooking is a huge passion of Valerie.

“I believe that you need to eat well to be well,” she writes. “Eating healthy is one thing, but when you’re eating with the right intentions and of foods made with love, it makes a world of difference. … No matter where I am in the world, may it be San Francisco, North Carolina, Costa Rica or on the other side of the globe in Barcelona, I love to cook local, seasonal foods with an alluring simplicity without compromising flavour.”

And she does travel. Notable posts include Where to Experience the Best Coffee Culture in Barcelona, #Bewell: 5 Ways to Workout Without the Pain, and The Healing Cuisine: Cooking with Intention.

Follow @valeriefidan on Twitter.

30s and Chic is the personal lifestyle blog of 30-something Chicago professional Nikki Kanter.

When Kanter’s not blogging or consulting for startups, she enjoys “a good spa day, Pilates, cooking and showering my French Bulldog with love and affection.”

Kanter admits she doesn’t feel like her life didn’t really come together until she approached her late 20s/early into her 30s.

“It took me a while to figure out our household finances, navigate my career path, learn to cook a fantastic meal, settle into family life and ‘how to adult,’” she writes. “This blog is less about preaching and more about sharing what has improved my life on a daily basis.”

Interesting posts include My Holiday Gift Picks for Your Dog, How I Am Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain, and Our Home, Part 1.

Follow @NikkiCatania on Twitter.

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