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So, the inspiration for this blog actually was my New Year’s resolution.

I love collecting makeup and various beauty products. Unfortunately, collecting doesn’t always lead to consuming, so I’m changing that.

This post forces me to use some of the wonderful things in my stash, and it introduces me to some inspiring sites.

A Model Recommends is the blog of fashion model, writer, and beauty insider Ruth Crilly.

“I have been an international fashion model for over ten years now and am still working for brilliant brands, shooting in exciting locations and generally feeling very lucky to have such a great job,” Crilly says, on her blog.

Crilly’s past and present ad campaigns include Swatch, Olay, Myla Lingerie, Patrick Cox, River Island and Sunsilk. She also has appeared in editorials for magazines, including Elle, Vogue, Glamour, Grazia and Cosmopolitan. She began modeling in 2001.

This site is super easy to get caught up in. There is so much wonderful content, including posts about beauty, fashion, travel, and books.

Some of my favorites include Highlighting Powder: A Rekindled Love Affair, Optimistic Makeup Wearing: The Dior Spring Look, and Beauty Products for Dry Winter Skin.

Follow @modelrecommends on Twitter.

Stylist Diva covers fashion, style, beauty, and DIY.

The diva behind the site is Bree Cooley, CEO and creative director of Realm Media Group in Las Vegas. Cooley also is an online contributing editor for Mode Media and Lucky Magazine.

Her work has been featured in Vogue, New York Times, CBS News, AOL, Teen Vogue, First Magazine, and other online publications.

This is an interesting blog. I like Cooley’s writing style and the photography is pretty stellar.

Some posts that caught my eye include Behind the Scenes: My Office, 6 Runway Looks to Get You Excited About Spring, and Street Style Roundup: 12 Shades of Grey.

Follow @stylistdiva on Twitter.

Dappered features “affordable men’s style.”

Blogger Joe writes the question that’s often asked by guys who have decided to put a little more effort (or any effort) into their appearance is “Where do I even start?”

“Dappered was created, in part, to catalog and learn from the slip-ups made along the way,” Joe writes. “It’s not easy. And if you’re not at least a little mindful, you can end up wasting a ton of time and money.”

Interesting posts that I found on Dappered include 10 Men’s Style Essentials to have in Navy, Sunday is the New Saturday Date Night, and Hangers 101: What Gets Hung on What Type of Hanger.

Follow @Dappered on Twitter. quotes the late Coco Chanel, who said: “Fashion fades, only style remains.” is all about fashion, style, and beauty.

You might ask yourself what a Style Pooh-Bah is. (I know I did.)

The site breaks it down for you: Style is a manner of doing something; a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed. A Pooh-bah is a person having much influence.

Coco Chanel is a Style Pooh-Bah.

This site is awfully pretty to look at. Notable posts include Vera Wang Unveils Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign, How Bow Accents Can Seamlessly Work in Your Wardrobe, and Urban Decay Announces The UD | Gwen Stefani Spring Collection.

Follow @stylsimplystate on Twitter.

Cult of Pretty features “the best beauty products you’ve never heard of.”

The publisher and founder is Ann Colville Somma, who does product development and innovation in the beauty industry.

“When it comes to my own beauty purchases, I wouldn’t describe myself as your typical beauty junkie … When you work in a donut factory, you don’t exactly crave donuts,” Somma says. “I look hard to find things I really love (and due to my job, I’m always looking – sometimes in the strangest places – for great product) … But at the end of the day, I buy and use some of the best stuff out there – and sometimes it costs much less than you’d think.”

Cult of Pretty covers skincare, makeup, fragrance, nails, and haircare.

The site features some fascinating information. I enjoyed Maybe You Guys Have Heard of “Micellaire” Water, So It’s Officially the Dead of Winter Here, and Honey, Like Coconut Oil is One of Those Ingredients That (They Say) Has a Cure For Just About Everything.

Follow @cultofpretty on Twitter.

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