Media Insider: Newsrooms Rethink Campaign Coverage, How to Listen Better on Twitter, and WaPo Creates Vertical Video Ads

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CNN Democratic Forum

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3 Ways to be a Better Listener on Twitter (SocialTimes)

With more than a half billion tweets sent daily, it’s easy to miss something. But for things that you don’t want to miss, SocialTimes offers some tips to increase your exposure to the tweets you care about. Among these tips: Use the advanced search and monitor your lists.

The Washington Post is Making Vertical Video Ads for Clients (Digiday)

If vertical video is going to be the next big advertising formula, The Washington Post wants to get out in front of it, Digiday reports. The Post hopes to help its advertisers create the new style of ad, made popular by Snapchat, and let clients run their custom videos anywhere that builds vertically, on desktop or mobile, Digiday says. The Post’s video ad service is called FlexPlay; it had its first campaign with Lincoln last month.

To Stay Relevant, Newsrooms Rethink Campaign Coverage (Nieman Reports)

Public disaffection and candidates’ social media strategies have begun to force journalists to innovate beyond the horse race, Nieman Reports says. Indeed, while social platforms like Twitter were a factor four years ago, what’s different is the now “minute-by-minute competition and coverage. There’s this wild chase for scooplets. News breaks that no one remembers two days afterwards,” says Jill Abramson, former executive editor of The New York Times.

Five Tips for Finding the Right Editor for Your Business Book (MarketingProfs)

Most self-publishers recognize the importance of good cover design, but many don’t budget for editing, MarketingProfs says. That’s a big mistake. Readers pick up on typos and other mistakes, and they notice when a sentence doesn’t make sense, says MarketingProfs. When they can’t figure out your point, readers stop reading.

Clickbait Obsession Devours Journalism (Monday Note)

Whether you read tech or media news through a RSS reader or by directly accessing websites, you end up flipping through the same headlines, Monday Note says. In the news business, duplication and commoditization have reached unprecedented levels. What we face today is a vast stream of replicated information, packaged in myriads of slightly different ways, but sharing a common objective: collecting and retaining viewers at all costs, Monday Note reports.

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