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What’s better than traveling abroad? Reading about it.

I know that it’s not better, but I’m drawn to travel bloggers. A good travel blogger can not only tell you about their travels, but bring you in with their photos.

I found Kaelyn Lynch and A Fly in My Rice through an article she wrote in Verge Magazine. Travel with a purpose is Verge’s motto.

What attracted me to her was why she would give up the safe Australian life to live and work with monks in Burma. Also, the name of her blog.

Her latest article, An Ode to Bacteria, gives insight on what it’s like to be sick in Burma. Friends and strangers looked after her until she was well, both in and out of the hospital.

Redefining the Shower is an interesting read. Lynch shares her experience with a temporary companion and learning to shower in the open.

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Karen McCann writes Enjoy Living Abroad. McCann is from Ohio and went on vacation to Spain with her husband 10 years ago. They fell in love with the city of Seville and, over time, moved there. After living in Spain for a year, they took to the rails and traveled through 13 countries.

Two articles to read are Oh, That Legendary Havana Airport Snafu and Cuba: 10 Things to Know Before You Go. These would also be helpful if you are planning a trip to Cuba in the future.

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Mark and Kate are an Australian couple, traveling from one house-sitting gig to the next. They document their travels in Vagrants of the World.

According to their blog, they are in the United Kingdom, but their latest posts are from the South of France. They get around.

I enjoyed the photos in the South of France. La Cite de Carcassonne and Visit Spain Without Leaving France. But, the history of the small Spanish town in France is fascinating.

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Claire Kennedy and her husband had planned to see 20 countries but plans stalled due to an infection. Kennedy was bedridden for two years and is still recovering.

Avenly Lane Travel started as a way to cope with not being able to travel. Kennedy also relives her travels to inspire others to travel.

My favorite posts from Avenly Lane are the travel tips. Claire covers what not to do before leaving the country to booking cheap flights. Her tips are sound advice from a seasoned traveler.

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