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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, PR Newswire selects an industry or subject and a handful of sites that do a good job with promoting and contributing to the conversation. This roundup focuses on nonprofit blogs. Do you have a blog that deserves recognition? Tweet to us @BeyondBylines

(Note: This post was updated on 7/15/21. Check out our roundup of even more nonprofit blogs from 2019 and 2021.)

Many moons ago, I covered nonprofits in the DC area.

There are many of them here. Thousands, they say.

So it got me thinking about the fine work they do, and I decided to look into nonprofit blogs.

1. Nonprofit Quarterly

Nonprofit Quarterly features “innovative thinking for the nonprofit sector.”

I like this site for a number of reasons, but mostly because it discusses things that most don’t consider when it comes to running a nonprofit. Examples: The cost of overhead and grants.

Nonprofit Quarterly also covers nonprofit trends, news, and philanthropy.

Some posts that caught my eye include Self-Coaching Strategies for Nonprofit Leaders, Why Funding Overhead is Not The Real Issue: The Case to Cover Full Costs, and One Too Many Hits and a Food Bank Goes Under while Fundraising Runs Downhill.

Follow @npquarterly on Twitter.

2. HuffPost Impact

HuffPost Impact writes about “what’s working.”

Talk about a site that gets your attention.

HuffPost Impact is chock-full of news items and powerful stories.

It was hard narrowing down a list of just a few, but I managed. They include: Ecuador Earthquake Leaves at Least 150,000 Children Vulnerable to Disease, Other Risks, Therapy App Donates 500 Months of Free Mental Health Services, and Chicago Senator Wants to Waive $150 GED Fees for Homeless Students.

And just because this was a cool story: Amazon’s Donating a Building to Temporarily House Homeless in Seattle.

Follow @HuffPostImpact on Twitter.

3. Socialbrite

Socialbrite provides “social solutions for nonprofits.”

This is a great site for nonprofits to pick up things like social media strategy, website design, storytelling, and building community.

Some interesting posts include 3 Core Twitter Strategies That Will Never Die, Should Your Nonprofit Use Snapchat?, and How to Double Online Giving in Six Months.

In that last post, guest blogger and fundraiser Darian Rodriguez Heyman discusses ways nonprofits can boost online giving. Among his suggestions: Be sure to look closely at recurring giving.

“This creates valuable ongoing funding for your cause,” Heyman says.

Follow @socialbrite on Twitter.

4. Philanthropy News Digest (PND)

PND is a news service of the Foundation Center.

There’s all kinds of good things on this site.

Several stories appealed to me. They include Catholic University Receives Gifts Totaling $47 Million, Nonprofits’ Online Revenue Increased 19 Percent in 2015, Study Finds, How to Translate Brand Strategy Into an Effective Website, and UAE Tycoon Launches $1.14 Billion Arab Education Fund.

In the Catholic U piece, Philanthropy News Digest reports the gifts include $15 million from the Busch Family Foundation — the largest gift ever made to the university — for the renovation of Maloney Hall, the future home of the School of Business and Economics.

Follow @pndblog on Twitter.

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