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Nonprofit Blogs We Love -

It’s officially fall, which means that nonprofit fundraising season has fallen upon us. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “donor procrastination.” Eager volunteers and donors have deliberately saved their time and money to give what they can to nonprofits at the year’s end.

Nevertheless, fall doesn’t have to be the only season of giving. These nonprofit sites don’t miss out on opportunities or connections — they use their online presence to communicate effectively with their audience all year round.

1. Charity Navigator 

Are you looking for the right direction in volunteer work? Charity Navigator is my personal go-to website to find local organizations that I want to volunteer with and donate to.

Charity Navigator is “the nation’s largest independent charity evaluator and leading donor advocate, shares their thoughts on emerging nonprofit-sector issues and offers tips to better inform your intelligent giving decisions.”

Interesting reads: The Do’s an Don’ts of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising; Your Quick Guide to Crisis Giving; and When is the best time to donate your clothes?

Follow @CharityNav on Twitter.

2. TechSoup

Let’s face it. You have to use technological resources to sustain a successful nonprofit in 2019. As TechSoup puts it, “Social good needs great technology.”

TechSoup “provides the connections, expertise, and resources to unlock the power of tech for social good.”

I recommend reading 5 Steps to Address Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Concerns; Office 365 and G Suite: Understanding the Cloud Productivity Tools Available to Nonprofits; and Set Up Successful Giving Tuesday and End-of-Year Fundraising Campaigns.

Follow @TechSoup on Twitter.

Nonprofit Blogs We Love - @techsoup on Instagram

Credit: @techsoup on Instagram

3. Bill Gates

Who doesn’t like good news? I think we all could use a little piece of optimism in between bad news stories.

Bill Gates’ blog does just that — he combats the bad with the good. “Bill and Melinda Gates co-chair the charitable foundation bearing their names and are working together to give their wealth back to society.”

What’s it like to live on less than $2 a day?; Good news in the fight to stop one of the world’s oldest diseases; and How You Can Be a More Effective Donor are great posts.

Follow @BillGates on Twitter.

Nonprofit Blogs We Love - @thisisbillgates on Instagram

Credit: @thisisbillgates on Instagram

4. John Haydon

John Haydon is a nonprofit fundraising guru. Haydon is “one of the most sought-after digital marketing experts for nonprofits and charities. He has helped thousands of nonprofits realize their best marketing and fundraising results.”

Check out 10 Tips for Turning Photos Into Powerful Stories; 5 Powerful Don Draper Quotes for Nonprofit Marketers and Fundraisers; and 3 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression with First-Time Donors.

Follow @johnhaydon on Twitter.

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