Media Insider: The State of Freelancing, Instagram’s Evolution as a Business Platform, and Facebook Tests Offline Video

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Contently Study: The State of Freelancing in 2016 (Contently)

Last year, Contently created an inaugural freelancing study, covering everything from workflow to unions and the best and worst parts to freelancing. This year, the group ran many of the same questions to gauge how the community may have changed. Additionally, it introduced new topics, including branded content, importance of social media, and a more detailed demographic breakdown of income.

Instagram’s Evolution as a Business Platform (Fast Company)

Smaller businesses and advertisers are turning to Instagram to make bank, and it’s becoming a crowded space, says Fast Company. Any way to connect with millions of users is a new way to advertise and make money. But apps like Instagram are interesting, because historically they’ve been a great equalizer, at least in how they are used, Fast Company reports.

Facebook Tests Offline Video (MediaPost)

As more people start to gain access to the Internet, especially in developing nations, their connections may not always be the most secure, MediaPost says. That’s why Facebook will be testing offline video downloads in India, it continues. The new feature will allow users to download video to Facebook when their connection is good, so they can view that content when their connection is spotty.

Time to Call It: Wither Newsweek in the Digital Age? (Media Life Magazine)

Last week, owner IBT Media laid off nearly three dozen at Newsweek and restructured its publications so the newsweekly will function as a separate entity from its other brands, Media Life reports. This suggests the owner is getting ready to sell Newsweek. It would mark the fifth time in six years the 83-year-old publication has been sold, it says.

BBC to Axe Almost 100 Monitoring Jobs in Bid to Save £4M (The Guardian)

BBC is cutting almost 100 jobs from its monitoring service as part of a drive to save £4m from the unit’s £13.2m budget by April next year, The Guardian reports. The restructure will include closing its base in Mazar-i-Sharif in Afghanistan, though it will retain operation in Kabul. BBC also will move its headquarters from Caversham Park, Reading to London, The Guardian says.

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