Media Insider: Voice Search Changes Content Creation, First Publishers Sell Subscriptions on Medium, BuzzFeed Tailors Content Across Europe

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Voice Search Changing the Rules of Content Creation (SearchBlog)

Changes in browsing behavior, preferences for content consumption, and adoption of voice search have put content creation at the top of most marketers’ lists this year, says SearchBlog. “It not only improves customer engagement, but provides a lead generation tool,” the blog continues.”The biggest challenge is ensuring that content lands on the correct page.”

How BuzzFeed Tailors its Content Across Europe (Digiday)

BuzzFeed has been working hard at extending its brand. What resonates here and in the U.K. isn’t necessarily the same as across Europe. Sense of humor alone varies wildly across the continent, Digiday says. It continues: “BuzzFeed has broken through in markets like Spain by targeting specific areas of interest like LGBT and gender-related topics. In France, the reporting team is the most established and has broken through on topics like social justice, sexual violence and gender equality.”

A Boston Journalism Nonprofit is Among the First Publishers to Sell Subscriptions on Medium (Nieman Lab)

Most of the publishers on Medium would probably consider themselves small. The Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism is no exception, and it began monetizing on Medium in June, says Nieman Lab. The site relies on freelancers, reporting issues related to social justice and innovation in Massachusetts, says site founder Chris Faraone.

What Does Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change Mean for Publishers? (SocialTimes)

Facebook’s position as the world’s biggest social hub seems to be a delicate balance, and it’s constantly pivoting to satisfy both users and customers, SocialTimes says. Case in point: despite a drive toward biasing news content, Facebook users may not care all that much about news, showing a preference instead for updates from family and friends, SocialTimes reports.

Post-Mike Allen, Politico Remakes Playbook for a Social Media Landscape (Digiday)

Politico Playbook is remaking itself for smartphones and social media — without its biggest name. Digiday reports that Politico is losing its star contributor, Mike Allen, who for nearly 10 years pumped out Playbook, Politico’s lucrative newsletter that provides a daily dose of scoops and personality bits to more than 100,000 political insiders. Now, he’s leaving with Politico CEO Jim VandeHei and other executives to start a new political publication, Digiday says.

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