Media Insider: Snapchat Resumes, How to Be a Successful Freelancer, Robots Used in RNC Coverage

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Is Snapchat Replacing Resumes? (MyDomaine)

With news that Snapchat is raising a new round of funding at an eye-popping $20 billion valuation, there’s no telling where the popular app can go, says MyDomaine. It’s not just a photo and messaging service anymore. An example: E-tailer Everlane is currently accepting job applications that can be submitted via Snapchat.

7 Ways to be a Successful Freelancer – And Book More Repeat Assignments (Mediabistro)

A key to successful freelancing is spending less time hustling to get the gig and more time working for repeat clients. Mediabistro recently listed some freelancing tips. They include: Understanding what your client really wants, anticipating and preventing predictable problems, being “present” even if you’re off-site, and regularly communicating.

BuzzFeed and Washington Post Turn to Robots for RNC Coverage (Engadget)

Both Washington Post and BuzzFeed sent robots to cover the GOP Convention in Cleveland, says Engadget. Both news outlets couldn’t be prouder of their efforts to modify news gathering and bring additional interactivity to their reporting, it says. WaPo’s experiment involved a telepresence robot from Double Robotics and a partnership with Twitter. Basically, the machine was an iPad mounted on a Segway-style base.

For Freelancers, Are Blogs Still Important? (The Freelancer by Contently)

It used to be that blogging was the way you made your voice heard on the internet. Now, some are beginning to ponder if blogging is all but dead, The Freelancer says. Case in point: The number of millennials who maintained a personal blog declined by half between 2006 and 2010. Not surprisingly, this roughly corresponds to the rise of social media and micro-blogging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, The Freelancer says.

Time Inc. Restructures Business Leadership Team (FishbowlNY)

After making big changes to its editorial structure, Time has revamped its business leadership team, FishbowlNY reports. Time Inc. brands now will be separated into four groups — Celebrity, Entertainment & Style, News & Luxury, Lifestyle, and Sports — each overseen by a general manager. For example, the News & Luxury group includes Time, Fortune, Money, Motto, Time for Kids, Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine, and Departures.

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