Media Insider: Instagram Most Engaging, Media Companies Battle for Millennial Audience, BuzzFeed Multiplies

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Influencers: Instagram is the Most Engaging Platform (Report) (SocialTimes)

Influencer marketing has come into its own this year, with marketers and influencers gaining a better understanding of the power it holds, SocialTimes says. But many still find the market unclear. A report from Bloglovin found that nearly 60 percent of the 2,500 micro-influencers surveyed said they felt Instagram is most effective for engaging with audiences, SocialTimes reports.

Sign of the Times: The New York Times is Buying an Experiential Agency (Digiday)

The New York Times is acquiring a marketing agency. The Times is buying Fake Love, an agency that specializes in live experiences, virtual, and augmented reality, says Digiday. The Times is trying to grow its revenue in part by offering more ad agency services, reports Digiday.

What Univision Saw in What’s Left of Gawker (Chicago Tribune)

In many Hispanic homes, Univision is a constant TV presence and a huge influence, says Chicago Tribune. Recently, Univision made news with the purchase of Gawker Media’s sites — English-language, not especially concerned with Latino culture and oriented toward a young audience, The Tribune continues. It appears Univision is looking toward a future that’s young, digital, and diverse.

Which Media Companies are Winning the Battle for Millennials? (Politico)

Josh Topolsky’s The Outline plans to launch this fall and is aimed directly at the millennial market. Millennials make themselves more open to new brand identification than their elders, Politico reports. And the population is massive. At 82 million, it’s six million greater in number than the last big population bulge, the self-analyzingest generation, the Baby Boomers, Politico says.

Exclusive: BuzzFeed Divides Its News and Entertainment Divisions in Company-Wide Reorganization (VF Hive)

BuzzFeed is multiplying, Vanity Fair reports. The company announced this week that it will split into two distinct departments — BuzzFeed News and a newly-formed BuzzFeed Entertainment Group (BFEG) — a move that underscores the importance of video with regard to its longevity. The new entertainment department will serve as an umbrella for all of BuzzFeed’s entertainment content, including short- and long-form video, lists, quizzes, and micro-content, Vanity Fair says.

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