Career Crossroads: Hispanic Journalist Talks Maintaining Focus and Moving Into Digital Media

career crossroads: nancy clara journalist

If you want to be successful in communications, never lose focus, says Argentinean journalist Nancy Clara.

Clara began her media career in Miami 16 years ago. It’s not always been easy.

“You wake up each day with the energy and adrenaline to implement your dreams, write news, and investigate stories, events and facts,” she says. “Whatever a journalist job entails, he or she invites their audience to inform themselves.”

Clara founded and published her own magazines — Hispanic Target and Target Style, winning awards and taking on markets beyond Miami. These markets included Orlando, New York, and Los Angeles.

She became known for her tenacity and talent.

Eventually, Clara discovered she had a knack for radio. She’s hosted Buen Negocio, El Magazine de la Mañana, and Negocios con Estilo on Radio Caracol 1260AM.

Covering The Globe

Her rise to fame in Miami opened many doors in mass media in Argentina.

In 2014, Diario BAE sent her to Rome to cover the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII. Her coverage also was broadcast daily on Actualidad Radio 1020AM in Miami.

While it was a tough schedule — 10 solid days of news coverage — Clara worked alongside journalists from around the world.

“[Seeing] Pope Francis only 10 feet away performing a mass for journalists was a dream come true,” she says.

Clara has had many memorable interviews, including talking with celebrities like Sofia Vergara, Emilio Estefan, and Jennifer Lopez.

But the most unforgettable stories came from everyday Argentinians.

A Challenging Interview

In 2009, Newsweek of Argentina assigned Clara a story called “Successful Argentinians in Miami.”

Clara vividly remembers speaking with a nurse from an affluent neighborhood in Buenos Aires. The nurse lost everything and was forced to start anew in the United States.

“Without papers, in two years, she managed to establish her own cleaning business,” Clara recalled. “Today, she has six employees and more than 10 corporate accounts.”

Clara asked the former nurse what she got in return from the US, in this fragile situation as an undocumented worker.

The nurse said, “The USA returned my human dignity.”

Clara ended the interview with a knot in her throat.

“That’s when I understood the strength and willpower we have as immigrants to progress as well as the huge gratitude we feel,” she said.

Moving Into Digital Media

As an American citizen, Clara says she wants to continue to “fuse both cultures in Miami.”

“[Immigrants here are] hard-working and brilliant people who know how to break through adversity by giving themselves an opportunity at a new life,” she said.

Today, Clara is the director and partner of digital news platform Infonegocios Miami.

Infonegocios Miami was launched by renowned journalist Iñigo Biain 13 years ago in Argentina. It features coverage of Uruguay, Paraguay, and Chile.

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