Media Insider: NYT Partners With Spotify, Teens Remain Loyal to Snapchat, Guardian Features Conservative Column

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New York Times Offers Free Spotify Service to Boost Subscribers

For $5 per week, New York Times digital subscribers can access the news and Spotify, the world’s largest streaming service. This new subscription bundles — which target millennial readers — show how the Times is growing in the wake of the Nov. 8 election, with a goal of reaching 10 million digital subscribers. The Times and Spotify will both promote the bundle on their platforms and team up on digital advertising, Bloomberg Technology reports. The Times declined to comment on how the companies will share revenue.

ICYMI: Facebook is also looking to make some deals with music providers

Is Instagram Killing Snapchat? We Asked the Only People Who Really Matter: Teenagers

When Instagram Stories launched in summer 2016, the company wasn’t shy about acknowledging that its newest product was all but a carbon copy of Snapchat. The two are similar in design, functionality, and name. Evidence shows that engagement is spiking for Instagram, but reports should be taken with a grain of salt, says Select All. Snapchat users are still spending more time on the app, and teens say they remain loyal to the original inventors of the platform. Young users may follow and watch others on Instagram, but they will continue to use Snapchat to share stories and message friends.

Did you know Snapchat hired someone to ensure no one copies its features again?

With “Burst your Bubble,” The Guardian Pushes Readers Beyond Their Political News Boundaries

“Burst Your Bubble” is a new column by The Guardian, targeting its traditionally liberal audience. The column will share five conservative articles worth reading, with the goal of helping its left-of-center audience expand its thinking. According to the column’s writer Jason Wilson, readers are curious about what conservatives are thinking and doing. For each article included in his column, Wilson includes context on the author, some background on why you should read the story, and an excerpt.

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The Washington Post will be the Breaking News Source on Snapchat’s Discover

The Washington Post announced the launch of a new daily Discover Edition on Snapchat. The move will make the company the first editorial partner to provide multiple news updates throughout the day on the platform and seven days a week. The Post’s Discover content will focus on producing fast, visually captivating and experiential storytelling. Reporters will take readers behind-the-scenes, both nationally and around the world, in highly curated editions that feature breaking news, top political headlines and smart, forward-thinking analysis, the Post says.

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Trump Administration Seen as More Truthful than News Media: Poll

According to a new Emerson College poll, the Trump administration is more trusted than the news media among voters. Forty-nine percent of registered voters consider the administration truthful, according to The Hill. On the flip side, only 39 percent find the news media truthful. The numbers are also split across party lines — 69 percent of Democrats think that news media is truthful and 91 percent of Republicans think that it is not.

Now that you know the numbers, here are 6 Things Journalists Can Do to Win Back Trust.

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