Media Insider: Facebook Launches Fact-Checker, Instagram Lets Users Save Live Videos, Google Responds to Brand Outrage

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This is Now What Happens When You Try to Post Fake News on Facebook

A Facebook feature that fact checks news is the platform’s latest effort to combat the spread of fake news. According to Quartz, users who try to share a story that has been debunked will receive a pop-up warning saying that the article is “disputed.” If users still want to post the false story, Facebook will allow it — but, only after more warnings and consent to ignore the warnings. A warning blurb will appear beneath the post on the user’s timeline, so that others who see the post will also see that it has been disputed. Click the link above to see an example.

Did you know that a new study revealed more Americans trust news based on who shares it, rather than who creates it?

Want to Keep That Live Video Around? Instagram Now Lets You Do Just That

Instagram Live videos disappear from the app once the broadcast has ended, but a new feature will allow users to save the broadcast to their phones. Digital Trends reports that users will be able to tap a “save” option that will appear in the upper right corner once the live broadcast is over. No comments, likes, number of viewers, or live interactions will be saved, but users will have the memory of the broadcast to look back on to watch as many times as they like.

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Google Attempts to Quell Brand Boycott with New Advertising Tools

After receiving backlash from brands that found their ads surfacing on hateful content, Google updated its advertising systems to give brands more control over where their ads appear. The updates now require an opt-in from brands to have their ads placed on potentially objectionable content, reports Mashable. Other updates: Google will allow advertisers to blacklist individual YouTube channels and sites; they plan to increase the number of staff responsible for reviewing ads; and, AI tools are in development to help detect violations.

Have you heard? AT&T, Verizon and other advertisers flee Google over offensive YouTube videos.

LinkedIn is Rolling Out a Trending Topics Section

LinkedIn is hopping on the trending topics bandwagon to help users discover news and posts tailored to their interests and profession. According to Recode, it’s similar to Facebook’s trending section and Twitter’s Moments feature, and will use a combination of human editors and algorithms to curate relevant news and posts. Former Fortune managing editor Dan Roth, now the editor in chief at LinkedIn, says he and his team want the feed “to include diverse perspectives, not just storylines and posts that align with a user’s existing beliefs.”

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Apple Launches Snapchat-Like Video Clips App

Apple has joined the list of brands that have created Snapchat clones. The tech giant is launching the free Clips app in April, via the iTunes App Store. Variety reports that the app will let users create and share selfies with animations, filters and other effects. It will also include a unique feature called Live Titles, which will let users create captions and titles using their voice with special filters. Users can share the videos through the Apple Messages app or on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, using iPhone 5s and later devices running iOS 10.3.

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