Media Insider: News Media’s Partisan Divide Evident in Comey Coverage, Snapchat Loses Money, Women Change the Podcast Game

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News media reflect the Nation’s political divide.

Comey Firing Provides Bright Dividing Line for Media Coverage

FBI Director Comey’s firing was a clear indicator of how America’s political divide is present in news media. According to The New York Times, traditionally right-leaning media condoned the firing, while those more left-leaning condemned it. Pew Research Center data shows that the divide among the two major political parties is the largest it has been in the past 30 years, with 89% of Democrats believing the news media to be a government watchdog and only 42% of Republicans believing the same.

Click here to view the full Pew Research Center report.

Snapchat Adds New Creative Tools As Its Rivalry With Instagram Intensifies

It’s no secret that Instagram Stories is giving Snapchat a run for its money, but Snapchat recently added new creative tools to remain competitive. The social app’s new tools allow users to create snaps with unlimited viewing time, draw with emojis, and remove objects from snaps with a magic eraser. According to The Verge, the new features were announced just in time for Snap, Inc. to report its first quarterly earnings as a public company.

In case you were wondering, Snap, Inc. reports loss in its first earnings as a public company.

How Women Are Changing the Podcast Game

As podcasts grow in popularity, it’s interesting to see how hosts become more and more diverse. Forbes reports that in 2013, men dominated as hosts of podcasts. But, more diverse listeners and creators are creating opportunities for more female hosts. Women now host two of the top three most popular podcasts on iTunes, and more podcasts are being created to cater to women and minority audiences.

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Facebook Debuts a Twitter-Like ‘Latest Conversations’ Feature That Shows Public Posts About Buzzing Topics

Facebook’s “Latest Conversations” feature lets users see popular public posts about relevant topics that people are discussing on the network. It exposes users to sentiments expressed outside of their social circle, reports TechCrunch. The feature is displayed in search results, provides a live counter showing the number of people discussing the topic, and includes posts that are not necessarily in user’s native language.

Speaking of Facebook: Agencies say new Snapchat self-serve platform will make it more competitive with Facebook.

How IJR Plans To Burst The Filter Bubble With A Dose Of The Resistance

Independent Journal Review is attempting to change its conservative reputation by adding longtime liberal writer Tommy Christopher. Christopher is a former White House correspondent, whose stated mission is to “delegitimize Trump’s presidency,” according to Digiday. As part of its makeover, IJR will also incorporate more in-house reporting and original content.

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