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Summer Fun Blogs It’s slowly beginning to feel like summer in the DC area.

The pool’s now open, and already I’ve got my eyes on a couple of vacations around the corner.

To celebrate summer’s official arrival in a few short weeks, here are some great blogs to carry us through.

1. The Organic Kitchen

There’s almost nothing more relaxing than a summer picnic.

The recipes on The Organic Kitchen may just be my go-to for this season’s meals.

Linda Spiker is the foodie behind The Organic Kitchen. The site features healthy recipes, cooking techniques, gourmet cookbooks, and health and wellness information.

“We don’t just want to teach you to cook, we want to teach you how to eat well,” Spiker says.

Check out these mouth-watering recipe posts: Recipes for a fantastic spring/summer BBQ (Read: Summer Berry Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette, Sesame Apricot Chicken Kabobs, Argentinian Beef Kabobs with Chimichurri, Lime Blueberry Cake, and Lemon Shortbread Tarts with Peaches), Grilled Salmon with Cauliflower Rice (And How to Get Those Grill Marks!), and Baby Roasted Potatoes with Pesto.

Follow @SpikerLinda on Twitter.

The Organic Kitchen Blog

Credit: @the_organickitchen on Instagram.

2. Swimmer’s Daily

Swimmer’s Daily is a swimming blog managed by brothers, Rókur í Jákupsstovu and Bartal Højgaard.

I like this blog for a lot of reasons.

First off, I’m personally a terrible swimmer, and these guys make it seem attainable to actually be OK at it. I like that.

Secondly, their posts are accessible and real. That’s always a good thing.

What to read: Michael Phelps and His Family Announce They Are #Trainingfor2032, My Passions – Swimming & Traveling | Calvyn Justus, 6 Dog Breeds That Don’t Do Well in the Water, and How to Spot the Symptoms of Dry and Delayed Drowning.

Follow @swimmersdaily on Twitter.

3. TripHobo Travel Blog

TripHobo Travel Blog makes me wish I lived closer to beautiful beaches.

Also, some of the vacation getaways on this site are incredibly creative.

Let’s just get to some of these.

You really should see these posts: 20 Aesthetically Amazing Hostels for Art Lovers Across the GlobeBest Places to Visit in Europe in July, and 20 Cheap Summer Vacations in the USA for Budget Travelers.

Follow @TripHobo on Twitter.

TripHobo Blog

Credit: @triphobo on Instagram

4. With Love From Kat

Summer fun requires a comfortable outfit. Bonus points if it’s stylish.

I found both on With Love From Kat.

I love Kat Tanita’s style.

According to the blog, Tanita is “one of the fastest-rising fashion and travel influencers in the world. While working in the fashion industry, Kat began blogging as a creative outlet – sharing her personal, style, beauty, and travel musings on With Love From Kat. She has collaborated with everyone from The New York Times and Nordstrom to Audi and Burberry.”

Posts I enjoyed include Downtown LA Flower Market, A Summer Tablescape, Currently Coveting, and Red Dress for Date Night.

Follow @kattanita on Twitter.

With Love From Kat Blog

Credit: @kattanita on Instagram

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