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Music Festival Blogs We Love

Ever since 2007, summer always has indicated the start of festival season for me.

I haven’t been to a festival since 2013, when I went to the Heineken Open’er and Virgin Freefest. There’s always this wishful thinking that I’ll go to one again someday, especially since there’s nothing better than sitting through bands you don’t really want to see to watch a band you really want to see.

Apparently, when going to a festival, there’s a certain amount of preparation that goes into going; I never remember to do that which is why I always come out looking like I’ve been living in the desert for a number of days. Hopefully, these blogs help you prepare better than I do.

1. NME – Festivals Blog

As a big fan of the Brit-pop genre, NME had to make it on this list. The NME is the British equivalent of the Rolling Stone; they have a weekly magazine that focuses on music popular in the UK (so every once in a while Blur graces its cover or the features section).

Really, its festival blog just serves as a reminder of everything I’m missing.

A few posts I particularly liked were: Gorillaz’ Demon Dayz wasn’t just a festival, it was a defining moment in Damon’s ever-changing career and Glastonbury secret sets – the best hidden shows in recent years.

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2. The Festival Guy

This guy is enthusiastic about festivals, to say the least. His About Me section boasts of going to 84 festivals in three years (totaling 240 days spent in festival). He’s even come out with a mobile app to help fellow festival-goers stay more prepared at each festival they attend.

Some interesting posts I found were: 14 Artists That Somehow Booked Coachella As Their First Festival and Dear Lightning In A Bottle.

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The Festival Guy Blog

Credit: @thefestivalguy
on Instagram.

3. The Firefly Festival Blog

Firefly just ended this weekend, so it would feel almost unjust to not put it in the spotlight.

The Firefly Festival, located in Dover, Del., quickly is becoming one of the biggest music festivals on the east coast, especially after the Virgin Festivals died out in 2013. This blog shows festival-goers what to expect from Firefly, whether it’s vamping on different products they may be promoting that year or different updates to the actual festival.

It also frequently has blog posts featuring short blurbs or interviews with concert attendees, which I find cool and endearing.

Some of the posts I like are: Firefly, Where You Belong and People of Firefly: Stephen Estevez

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Firefly Music Festival Blog

Credit: @fireflymusicfestival on Instagram

4. Vicky Flip Flop – Festivals

Vicky runs a travel blog to encourage people to travel all over the world and to also encourage people to get involved in the festival life and experience a multitude of cultures. One of the main reasons why I like the festival portion of her blog is because it provides pro-tips and the layout is easily accessible and just generally cool.

A lot of her articles focus on next day care and recovery after a grueling festival, which I think is one of the more important parts of having a completely enjoyable experience.

Some of my favorite posts are: My Top 5 Tips for Recovering from a Festival

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