Media Insider: Time Inc. Partners with Reddit, Twitter to Launch Bookmark Option, Glamour U.K. Drops Print Frequency

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Reddit’s unlikely first edit partner: Time magazine

Time magazine, a product of Time Inc., announced this week a partnership with online community platform Reddit. Through the partnership, Time editors will compile a weekly article series based on original stories written by Reddit community members that Reddit staffers find. Readers can find the published posts every Thursday on Time’s owned and operated properties, its Reddit profile page, and Apple News, reports Digiday.

Poised for growth: Reddit swears it’s not too scary for brands

Twitter will soon let you bookmark tweets with a ‘save for later’ option

Twitter will soon allow users the option to bookmark tweets. Keith Coleman, Twitter’s head of products, says the new feature “will allow people to return to tweets and stories later without having to use the ‘like’ button as a workaround.” After rolling out the new 280-character limit, Twitter also has plans to “revisit its public guidance on what factors can lead to tweets being removed from the platform,” says The Verge.

Heads up Android users. Twitter has an unlaunched tweetstorm feature hidden inside its app.

Glamour drops print frequency from monthly to biannual in beauty-led, digital strategy

As part of a “mobile-first, social-first” strategy, Condé Nast’s U.K. edition of Glamour magazine will cut its print frequency from monthly to biannual. “Today’s Glamour consumer moves to a different rhythm than the one who bought the magazine when it launched in 2001. It is a faster, more focused, multi-platform relationship,” Albert Read, managing director of Condé Nast Britain, told The Drum. Glamour will continue to cover celebrity and fashion editorial, but will now only publish two issues a year focusing on beauty and style for the upcoming season.

Glamour isn’t alone. For Time Inc.’s magazines, fewer copies is the way forward.

Amazon finally makes a waterproof Kindle, after 10 years of Kindles

For the first time in 10 years, Amazon launched its first waterproof Kindle. Upgrading from a 6-inch screen to a 7-inch screen, the new Kindle Oasis has been tested in two meters of water for up to 60 minutes, reports The Verge. The new Oasis will feature a built-in Audible app that will allow users to stream audio books from the device to Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

ICYMI: Here is a list of new products announced by Amazon.

Snapchat now lets you book Uber rides

Snapchat recently announced a new feature called Context Cards — a concept that gives users the ability to book Uber rides and restaurant reservations directly through the app. Users can swipe up on certain Snapchat posts for related information, such as maps, reviews, and booking options, reports CNN Tech. According to the article, Evan Spiegel, Snap’s CEO and cofounder, told The Financial Times, “Anytime you can connect people with what interests them and connect them with more information and more opportunities, there’s usually a business there.”

The rivalry between Snapchat and Facebook continues: Facebook announces $199 ‘Oculus Go’ standalone VR headset

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