Media Insider: Facebook Tests Splitting Its News Feed, FCC Eliminates 80-Year-Old Regulation, Is Print Media Making a Comeback?

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Facebook tests splitting its News Feed into two

Facebook reported this week that it’s testing the idea of splitting its News Feed into two user feeds, separating personal news from friends and family and commercial news from pages the person has liked. The divide could mean big opportunities for advertisers. According to Reuters, “The change could force those who run pages, everyone from news outlets to musicians to sports teams, to pay to run advertisements if they want to be seen in the feed that is for friends and family.” The test is already occurring in six small countries and is reportedly having impact on website traffic for smaller media outlets.

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The FCC just ended a decades-old rule designed to keep TV and radio under local control

Federal regulators voted on Tuesday to eliminate the “main studio rule” — an 80-year old regulation that requires broadcasters to have a physical studio in or near the areas where they have a license to transmit TV or radio signal. The regulation was created so that residents of a community could have an input on how their local broadcast stations operate. The FCC lifted the rule because social media now gives consumers other ways to get in touch with local broadcasters, reports The Washington Post.

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USA Today Network is testing memberships at local papers

USA Today Network is testing a membership program at four of its 109 local papers, as part of a larger effort to grow consumer revenue. Those who subscribe to this free membership will have access to exclusive content, local deals, promotions for events, and more. Andy Yost, chief marketing officer at USA Today Network, told Digiday, “We need to convey to people that we’re more than a newspaper on your doorstep — we’re really essential to the community you’re part of. It resonates with a younger audience that’s been somewhat elusive to us in the past. I think they want to feel part of a community.” The concept will be tested in Asbury Park, New Jersey; Rochester, New York; Green Bay, Wisconsin; and Nashville, Tennessee.

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Instagram now lets people add guests to live video streams

Instagram announced a new feature that lets users add guests to their live video streams. The new feature paves the way for a different kind of video interaction. According to TechCrunch, Instagram wants to “give users who might hesitate to use the video feature a little more confidence if they can have a friend with them, but it potentially adds more engagement to the mix.” Instagram says that, as of September, video views have grown 80 percent over the last year.

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Amazon Key is a new service that lets couriers unlock your front door

Amazon recently launched a new delivery service called Amazon Key. The new service allows the package courier to place packages inside your home through Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and compatible smart lock. The Cloud Cam works with locks from Yale and Kwikset and gives the customer the ability to live stream the entire delivery process, reports The Verge. Although Amazon Key is currently only available in 37 cities across the U.S., the company does hope to expand the service in the future.

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