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audiophile blog profilesI’ve had a massive record collection ever since my dad bestowed his old records to me when I was 13.

It actually was a mildly sad day because he had left his records in storage, and a good portion of them sustained heavy damage from being in a damp place for so long.

Recently, I’ve gotten really into bringing out the sound quality of those records, which lead me to purchase new hardware and start passively following the audiophile community.

In light of that, I’d thought I’d emphasize audiophile blogs today.


A lot of sites can be a little overbearing with reviewing the latest tech specs. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed because I see post after post reviewing audio equipment because most of these things require a lot of savings to purchase.

I feel like that’s why is welcoming. Their site covers a vast majority of different aspects of audiophilia; from record collecting to rockumentaries to writing reviews on equipment, you can find a post on just about anything in the music spectrum.

Some posts I loved were: Record Store Day Review: Lumpy Gravy Primordial by Frank Zappa, on Vinyl and Tidal, What Should Be in a Good Audio Product Review?

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2. Stereophile

This blog is kind of a cheat. Stereophile is a well-known print and digital magazine, however, they know their stuff as they’ve been around since 1962.

Like, they also tend to cover a variety of stuff, and are pretty well known for their yearly round-up of “Records to Die For” (which this year’s included Squeeze’s “Argybargy” so it may actually be the best list of all time). They also have a number of columns that cover a ton of stuff, like expensive equipment most could only wish to obtain.

Some posts that caught my interest were: Gramophone Dreams #19: HiFi Man Susvara headphones, Recording of April 2018: Fairytales: Original Master Edition (MQA)

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3. Part-time Audiophile

If that blog title doesn’t describe how I feel right now to a T, I don’t know what does.

Similarly to Stereophile, part-time Audiophile also has a magazine; there’s, however, comes out quarterly and has more of a zine-like quality about it. Editor-in-chief Scot Hull claims he called the blog the “Part-time” Audiophile because it would make it more of a hobby that didn’t take up too much of his time, and while he says that that’s no longer true, the masthead to the site kind of sticks to that quality, featuring contributors of all different backgrounds. To me, it makes the site feel down-to-earth.

Some really insightful and interesting posts to read: The Path of Shindo – A Journey through Japanese high fidelitySpotify and the future of the musical industry

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4. U-Turn Audio Blog

This blog doesn’t update regularly (their last post was November 15, 2017), but I felt that I had to include them.

U-Turn Audio is an independent American turntable company, and they are the creators of my current record player. Their blog educated me on where to start in regards to speakers and amplifier. The comments section is also pretty lively with smart suggestions and discussions.

One of the posts I enjoyed: How to position your speakers for great sound

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