Media Insider: Interview Mag Scheduled to Relaunch, Trust in Media is Rising, Newspaper Revenue to Decline

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‘Interview’ Schedules Comeback, Brant to Relaunch

The magazine created by Andy Warhol, Interview, closed last May after running continuously since it was established in 1969. Peter Brant, the current owner of the magazine, announced he plans to sell Interview for $1.5 million to his company, Singleton LLC. After filing for liquidation, the magazine is slated to relaunch in September, featuring the transgender model Hari Nef.

In other media sales news: New York Media accepting bids as it considers selling New York Magazine

Finally some good news: Trust in news is up, especially for local media

According to the newest Poynter Media Trust Survey, the public’s trust in news media is increasing, despite harmful rhetoric and a monumental low during the 2016 election. This rise is especially the case for local television news, in which 76 percent of Americans have “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust, regardless of political affiliation. High trust in local media exceeds that of national network news and newspapers, which are trusted by 55 percent and 59 percent of Americans, respectively.

Meanwhile, trust is still rare for online platforms: Americans believe they should take more action to combat fake news

‘Lit is Over, and Other Things You Can Pay Teens to Teach You

In 2016, Yale student Ziad Ahmed and Princeton student Nick Jain founded JÜV Consulting as a marketing firm with the niche of appealing to the demographic of folks between the ages of 10 and 21, commonly referred to as Generation Z. Rather than hire the more seasoned marketing experts to study the younger generation, JÜV opted to utilize a workforce fully consisting of 14- to 22-year-old people. This tactic allows JÜV’s clients to relate to target audiences with the help of a diverse representation of that audience, and the tactic seems to be working for some of the larger clients, including Viacom and Edelman.

In more Generation Z news: Gen Z continues to prove difficult to target with marketing compared to previous generations

Forecast: U.S. Newspaper Revenue to Fall 2.6 Percent Through 2022

New research from the Freedonia Group anticipates continuing drops in revenue for both print only and print + digital newspapers, according to its Newspaper Publishing: United States report. Newspapers across all corners of the industry have been struggling to compensate for the lack of advertising revenue and the increase of free news publications, as the report highlights from 2007 to 2017. Following this trend, revenues are expected to drop by 2.6 percent every year through 2022, though conditions are expected to improve after this once the industry stabilizes to the new media market.

ICYMI: McClatchy lays off 3.5 percent of its staff

Fake academic journals are publishing work from real researchers alongside junk science

Public trust in academia and scientific research is harmed when fake academic journals publish articles without peer review. Numerous reporters and researchers have performed sting operations by submitting blatantly false articles that ultimately end up published by these journals which target researchers willing to pay to get their work published, regardless of sound science. A recent report by Motherboard found that hundreds of researchers from respected universities such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford had their work stolen and published on fake academic journals, in order to make the publication seem more reputable.

Related: India Express discovers a company that owns over 100 fake journals in a recent investigation

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