Media Insider: New Yorker Pulls Bannon as Headliner, Vox Revamps Ad Sales, Virginia Papers to Form a Union

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New Yorker Festival Pulls Steve Bannon as Headliner Following High-Profile Dropouts

President Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon no longer will headline this year’s New Yorker Festival, announced The New Yorker Editor David Remnick. Remnick emailed staff regarding the change on Monday night. The New York Times reports the “announcement followed several scathing rebukes and high-profile dropouts after the festival’s lineup, with Mr. Bannon featured, was announced. Within 30 minutes of one another, John Mulaney, Judd Apatow, Jack Antonoff and Jim Carrey said on social media that they would be pulling out of scheduled events at the festival.”

More about the Bannon situation: Who’s right about The New Yorker’s Steve Bannon Mess? Judd Apatow? Malcolm Gladwell?

Vox Media Revamps Ad Sales Workforce

Vox Media thinks it’s time for a change. The Wall Street Journal reports the digital media company is “restructuring its sales force into an ‘enterprise’ team and a ‘growth’ team as it expands its operations and faces new challenges.” Lindsay Nelson, Vox chief commercial officer, announced the changes in a staff memo last week. The new enterprise group will be responsible for overseeing roughly 100 large accounts and will focus on key industry categories, including finance and travel, consumer electronics, and tech and telecommunications.

In other advertising news, Amazon renames its ad services to cut down on the confusion.

The Virginian-Pilot and the Daily Press are uniting to form a union

A mission statement on the Tidewater Media Guild site informs the public of The Virginian-Pilot and Daily Press journalists’ intent to form a union. “Some of us have ties to the Tidewater region that go back decades while others have recently adopted it as home,” the statement says. “We are tired of watching talented young staffers and deeply-rooted veterans leave our ranks rather than suffer through years of ever-eroding benefits, stagnant pay and constant cutbacks; we are tired of the unilateral decisions made by distant corporate owners who do not have an understanding of, nor a stake, in our communities; we are tired of doing more with less.”

ICYMI, more on this story: Like Bigger Peers, Tronc’s Virginia Newsrooms Set to Unionize

The story behind the New York Times’ anonymous op-ed blasting Trump

An anonymous senior official in the White House this week published “an explosive piece for the paper, describing a ‘resistance’ to President Trump within the government that works overtime to protect the United States from the president’s worst impulses,” CNN reports. News organizations are speculating who this anonymous source could be. It’s reported that this official used an intermediary to contact NYT op-ed page editor Jim Dao. Dao is not revealing the name of the source.

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Why The Washington Post and Reuters are livestreaming on this video game platform

Twitch, the gaming-focused video streaming platform that Amazon bought in 2014 for $970 million, has become a unique partner for news organizations. Twitch boasts 15 million daily active viewers who spend an average of 95 minutes daily watching live content, Poynter reports. The site claims it has 2.2 million content creators, including several big names in news. These include: Reuters, which has seen a 100 percent year-on-year increase in live views, and The Washington Post, which also has launched several shows on the platform. According to Poynter, Twitch users are more purposefully engaged, visiting “the site specifically to watch livestreams, as opposed to stumbling across them amidst other news feed items clamoring for attention.”

More about Twitch: Twitch drives esports boom. Can it go beyond gaming?

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