Media Insider: UK Proposes Internet Regulator, Condé Nast Launches Women’s Video Network, StartUp Health Launches Print Mag

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UK Government Planning to Set up a Regulator for the Internet

The UK government is preparing to establish a new internet regulator that would make tech firms liable for content published on their platforms and have the power to sanction companies that fail to take down illegal material and hate speech within hours. Under legislation being drafted by the Home Office and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) due to be announced this winter, a new regulatory framework for online “social harms” would be created. Ministers also are looking at implementing age verification for users of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In more UK news: The British newspaper industry’s trade body is proposing that Google and Facebook pay an annual tax to fund journalism in the UK

Condé Nast Launches Women’s Video Network

Condé Nast is creating a video network devoted entirely to women to “make it easier” for advertisers to reach the young women drawn to its brands, according to Pamela Drucker Mann, the company’s chief revenue and marketing officer. The network will not be released until after the NewFronts next season. For now, Condé Nast announced the anchor of the Women’s Video Network — its Glamour brand — will get five new series by the end of this year. Drucker Mann added the publisher is investing “in more video programming … to reach new viewers next quarter, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Video and mobile audiences are soaring, with increases of 56 percent and 22 percent, respectively, from a year ago. Read more: The Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report

The New York Times Is Asking Readers to Help It Cover Election Misinformation

The New York Times is stepping up its coverage of misinformation ahead of midterm elections. Last week, the newspaper published a tip form that allows readers to send examples of potentially false or misleading content they find in their social media feeds. Examples could be a Facebook account spreading false information about a political candidate or a YouTube channel publishing doctored videos. “What we hope to do in the coming days and weeks is target voters and use Facebook’s own technology and use paid promotion to reach voters,” said Rebecca Blumenstein, a deputy managing editor with The Times.

The Times isn’t the only mainstream news organization launching misinformation projects. Mother Jones, BuzzFeed and ProPublica also hope readers will help them identify false information online.

Ex-Slate EIC, Malcom Gladwell Will Launch Podcast Company

Jacob Weisberg, who surprised the digerati by resigning from his post as chairman and editor-in-chief of the Slate Group, pulled back the curtain a bit on the new podcast company he is launching with bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell. “I’m interested in positioning podcasts beyond advertising,” said Weisberg. “I think there is no doubt that people will pay for podcasts. I’m taking a broad view of it in terms of an expanding medium.” His new venture has yet to get a name.

With the popularity of podcasts seemingly surging, Vox Media recently announced it’s expanding podcast operations.

StartUp Health Launches Print Magazine

StartUp Health is launching a new print magazine, covering the people and technology dedicated to the future of health and its startup community. A health-tech accelerator organization, StartUp Health introduced its first issue of the eponymous magazine at the beginning of the year and distributed it at the StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco. The second issue was unveiled this week. StartUp Health features profiles, features and stories on new health solutions, with contributor articles from big names like former Vice President Joe Biden, Wellville executive founder Esther Dyson, and the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States, Aneesh Chopra.

Also on the magazine front: Minute Media has acquired Mental Floss and will manage all its digital assets.

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