How to Use Your Instagram Insights to Your Advantage

Instagram Insights: Post Strategy to Grow Audience

Instagram is arguably one of the best sites to market your brand.

It’s the second-most popular social networking app in the U.S., creeping up just behind Facebook. In fact, Impact reported Instagram has more than 800 million active users each month.

With the launch of Instagram Insights back in 2016, businesses and users now can monitor their profile analytics.

What does this mean exactly? It comes down to three important terms: impressions, reach, and profile visits.

Impressions are the total number of times all of your posts have been seen.

The reach of your profile is the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts.

Finally, profile visits are the number of times your profile was viewed.

Here are four ways to use your Instagram insights to your advantage.

1. Audience insights

There are metrics included in Instagram Insights that show your follower’s demographics. Included in these demographics are location, gender, language, and age of your followers.

You can use this information to revise your content posting strategy. If your audience ranges between age 18-24, it would be best to tailor your campaigns to that demographic to boost engagement.

2. Account metrics insights

Using your account insights also can help with content strategy.

If your overall profile visitor numbers or post likes are low, you can use those analytics to create different content or include hashtags geared to gaining new followers and promoting engagement on your profile.

3. Post insights

The type of content you post has a huge impact on who will want to follow you.

If you’re able to see your analytics on Instagram, then you can see the likes, reach, and impressions on the post.

Using this tool can help you to improve your strategy and maintain a presence among your followers. For example, posting high-definition and quality photographs instead of blurry content could possibly result in an increase in likes and followers.

4. Instagram Story insights

If you want to market your brand on Instagram, it’s essential that you use all aspects of your Instagram account.

This includes the Instagram Story feature. This tool allows you to see if your audience actually is engaging with your account through replies, exits, forwards, and number of story views.

You can use this tool to your advantage.

Influencer story takeovers, Q&As, and highlighted stories are just a couple examples of how stories allow for a growth in followers and engagement.

Using Instagram’s analytics tools can potentially help your brand reach new heights. Plus, it’s free! Even more reason to take advantage.

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Imani Jasmin is a Public Relations Product Intern at Cision, as well as a senior in college. Imani enjoys reading, travelling, and restaurant hopping around New York City.

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