Year-End Review: Top 10 Most Viewed Beyond Bylines Posts in 2018

Beyond Bylines top posts 2018

The team here at Beyond Bylines is committed to creating fresh, new content every day.

Our mission is to provide media tools, tips, and tactics to help make easier the jobs of journalists and the blogging community. Thanks to our staff and contributors, 2018 is turning out to be a record-setting year for us.

As we looked back, we discovered that the most popular posts viewed were a mix of newer content and older posts that our audience can’t get enough of.

In case you missed them, we compiled a list of the Top 10 most viewed posts this year.

1. 11 News Sites We Love for Trail Blazing Coverage of Black Culture and Communities (Feb. 2018)

The diversity of African-American people and culture is covered by a range of online resources. Whether your interests are in politics, sports, entertainment, business, or general news, author Nicole Howard highlights 11 of the most popular places you can turn to for news and commentary about the Black community.

2. 10 Top News Sites That Rock Their Music and Entertainment Coverage (Nov. 2016)

There are so many places to get your daily dose of entertainment news. Start here and add your own favorites.

3.  11 Top News Sites for Out-of-This-World Environmental Coverage (April 2016)

We were inspired by Earth Day, but covering the environmental beat goes well beyond just Earth Day.  Living green, solar energy, climate change, and extreme weather all fall under environmental news. The sites we found cover the full spectrum.

4.  14 Must-Join Slack Communities for Writers, Creators, and Media (Oct. 2018)

Just when you thought the Slack community couldn’t grow any more, we found over a dozen specifically for writers and bloggers.

5. Can I Use That Picture? 3 Rules to Ensure Your Blog Isn’t Breaking Copyright Rules (March 2017)

Pictures can give your story life, but the wrong image can get you in trouble!  No need to break copyright rules when there are lots of sites with free photos to download and use for your blog.

6. Become a Better Writer: 12 Offbeat Residency Programs to Get on Your Radar Now (Oct. 2016)

l’ve always believed the best writers possess a true love for writing. But honestly, even if you do love it, there’s always room for improvement. Residency programs are a great opportunity to hunker down and recommit to the art and skill of good writing.

7. These 11 non-profit news sites are using investigative storytelling to rebalance the news (Jan. 2018)

With journalism under attack, investigative news continues to thrive and give back credibility to the news industry. The outlets cited are examples of how it is shedding light on issues and providing solutions through in-depth reporting.

8. 10 recent AP Stylebook changes and reminders you should know about (Sept. 2018)

This was one of my personal favorites this year. Because AP is THE foremost writing and editing authority, I was excited to see its latest entries. This post was a little taste of what’s inside the latest edition.

9. Breaking Into Beauty and Fashion Writing: Lessons From a Beauty Editor (Aug. 2015)

Covering fashion and beauty has its perks. It also requires hard work. Looking to break into the business?  This one is for you!

10. Career Crossroads: 5 Tips for TV Reporters on Hiring an Agent (July 2014)

Our now defunct Career Crossroads column lives on with this ever-popular post on agent dos and don’ts. Television news is highly competitive. An agent can help you get in the door, but all agents aren’t created equal. Know who you’re hiring, what their fees are, and determine a length of contract.

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Brett Savage-Simon is PR Newswire’s former director of audience relations and was a television reporter in her former life. Follow her @savsimon




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