Earth Day is around the corner. Here’s our Best-Of list for environmental news sites.

From time to time, an industry or subject inspires us to create a best-of list. In case you’ve missed some of these, you can find them here. These are a few environmental news sites that produce out-of-this-world coverage in a crowded arena.  If you think your site should be considered, give us a holler and tell us why.

10 Environmental News Sites -

The environmental journalism spectrum is massive, and it can cover everything from endangered species to the chemicals under your kitchen sink.

Take climate change. This topic alone covers a great deal, including:

  • The price and availability of seafood, especially shellfish, hampered by ocean acidification
  • Where to build infrastructure like roads and community pump stations as future sea levels rise
  • Coral reef decline and its impact on tourism and fishing
  • Policy regarding incentives in solar and wind energy to reduce fossil fuels like coal-burning power plant emissions
  • Debate over permits to construct shipping terminals to send coal or shale oil to Asia
  • Salmon runs impacted by drought and low snow pack
  • Algae blooms that ignite massive fish kills
  • Extreme weather (heatwaves, storms, drought, floods, stronger hurricanes) documented to have killed many thousands

With Earth Day coming up, we wanted to pay homage to our favorite sites that produce fresh, bold environmental news coverage.

1. So let’s start with climate change.

Vox – Energy & Environment digs deep into climate, renewable energy, and other environmental issues.

Not surprisingly, many of the lead stories on Vox Energy & Environment take on items like electric airplanes, wind power growth, and the Midwest floods.

Stories to read right now: It’s not your imagination. Allergy season gets worse every year. and Trump’s EPA is fighting with California over a fuel economy rule the auto industry doesn’t even want

Vox website - Energy & Environment section

2. Because data matters.

FiveThirtyEight has captured attention with its scary-accurate data and analysis around politics, particularly around elections. The site takes on the environment and science, too.

With its original mission to cut through the clutter of our data-rich world, 538 breaks down the environmental calculus, so we don’t have to.

Stories to read right now: The Green New Deal is Impractical, But ‘Practical’ Solutions Haven’t Worked Either and How Much is The Government Spending on Climate Change? We Don’t Know, and Neither Do They

FiveThirtyEight homepage - Science & Health section

3. We’re fixated on the environment.

Earthfix is a public media partnership of several news organizations, including Oregon Public Broadcasting, Idaho Public Television, KCTS9 Seattle, KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio, Northwest Public Radio and Television, Jefferson Public Radio, KLCC, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

It features “news fixed on the environment.”

Stories to read right now: New Technology Will Help Northwest Forest Managers Assess Wildfire Danger and Oregon Wolf Population Increases, With Jump in Livestock Attacks

Earthfix homepage

4. And green news can be fun. 

Grist aims to get people talking, thinking, and taking action by translating complex issues into stories that make sense.

Says the site: “Grist is a beacon in the smog — an independent, irreverent news outlet and network of innovators working toward a planet that doesn’t burn and a future that doesn’t suck.”

Stories to read right now: The breakthrough that could actually reverse climate change and You’re going to cut down on plastic and it’s going to get weird

grist homepage

5. But sometimes you need a reality check.

Vice tackles serious news topics for the connected generation.

Its environmental reporting – much like the rest of the subjects it covers – typically is not reported on by mainstream media.

Stories to read right now: 10 Simple Ways to Make Your Town More Sustainable and Climate Change is Such a Huge Threat We Don’t Even Know How to Think About It

Vice website, Environment stories

6. Because sustainable design is the future.

Inhabitat is “devoted to the future of design, innovative technology and any architectural projects or concepts that emphasize energy efficiency, sustainability and connection to the surrounding environment.”

This is a great site filled with a range of stories, from timely news to practical tips on sustainable living.

Stories to read right now: Are you accidentally eating the toxic parts of fruits and veggies? and London becomes the first city to have an Ultra Low Emission Zone

Inhabitat homepage

7. For the inside dirt on earthly matters.

TreeHugger works to push environmental news mainstream through stories on green design, sustainable living, and eco-friendly advancements in business and technology.

Stories to read right now: We should all adopt ‘hanami,’ the Japanese tradition of flower viewing and Is mass timber construction really renewable and sustainable?

TreeHugger homepage

8. And we like to visually explore the planet. 

News icon National Geographic is dedicated to exploring and protecting the planet.

Through its comprehensive reporting and pictorial content, the magazine aims to give readers a front row seat “to the stories that matter.”

Stories to read right now: This is the world’s most destructive oil operation – and it’s growing and Melting glaciers contribute a third of sea-level rise

National Geographic website homepage

9. It’s Mashable.

Mashable is known for its hard-hitting stories on tech, digital culture, and entertainment. It’s also got the traffic to prove it, with 45 million monthly uniques, 28 million social media followers, and 7.5 million shares a month.

So Mashable’s Climate features more of what Mashable is known for — with an environmental spin.

Stories to read right now: ‘Our Planet’ exemplifies how nature docs can make you feel very small, but extremely powerful and Teens drop eloquent climate change testimony on Congress

Mashable Climate homepage

10. Sometimes, you just want an explanation.

Mother Jones – Environment really breaks things down, whether it’s about giant rodents eating Louisiana’s coast or bans on everyday plastic pollution.

Stories to read right now: The Fungi Decimating Amphibians is Worse Than We Thought and America Has Forgotten About Its Urban Trees

Mother Jones homepage

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