8 Native American News Sites We Love

From time to time, an industry or subject inspires us to create a best-of list. In case you’ve missed some, you can find them here. These are Native American news sites that produce out-of-this-world coverage in a crowded arena. If you think your site should be considered, give us a holler and tell us why.

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There are nearly 600 Native American groups in the U.S., each with its own culture. But within that incredible diversity, there is much common ground. Many of the same issues and interests are at the forefront across Native America.

To honor the culture, diversity, and vitality of all these groups, the U.S. commemorates Native American Heritage Month each November, so to celebrate, we present the top eight sites for national Native American news.

Once you’ve made it through this list, find even more unique sites covering Native American communities in our lists from 20182020, and 2021.

1. Native America Calling

Native America Calling refers to itself as a “national electronic talking circle.” The live call-in show “is heard on nearly 70 public, community and tribal radio stations in the United States and in Canada.”

Topics range from news and politics to arts and culture to daily life for Native people across North America, and the show’s web site offers audio and additional reporting on the topics covered on the broadcasts. This thought-provoking show provides a unique, on-the-ground view of the most important issues across Native America.

Story to listen to right now: Reviving voices from the past.

Top Native American News Sites - Native America Calling

2. Indian Country Today

Indian Country Today offers insightful coverage of Native American issues and lifestyle news. In September 2017, the digital magazine announced a temporary shutdown but returned in May of 2018 under new leadership.

The news site has continued to offer frequent updates and feature stories mixed with reports of interest from AP and other publications.

Stories to read right now: Aaron Yazzie’s focus is Mars; Native children will be seen in ‘Fry Bread’; and The election is today (and national races are just a year away).

Top Native American News Sites - Indian Country Today

3. High Country News – Indigenous Affairs

High Country News is dedicated to the Western U.S. The web site and magazine offer in-depth reporting particularly on environmental news and issues.

High Country News has won multiple awards from the Native American Journalists Association for its coverage of tribal news. The Indigenous Affairs section of the site covers a range of news, issues, politics, and cultural topics in insightful ways.

Stories to read right now: When disaster strikes, Indigenous communities receive unequal recovery aid; and Salmon swim above the Grand Coulee Dam for first time in 80 years.

Top Native American News Sites - High Country News | Indigenous Affairs

4. National Native News

National Native News is an NPR-style daily audio news digest covering topics related to Indigenous peoples across the U.S. and Canada. In addition to audio of the broadcasts, the site includes feature stories and reporting on special projects.

Story to listen to right now: Friday, November 8, 2019.

Top Native American News Sites - National Native News

5. Native Business

Native Business focuses on business, finance, and entrepreneurship amongst Native Americans. Coverage spans all major industries along with sections featuring startups, disruptors, and future leaders.

Going well beyond gaming, the magazine emphasizes the diversity of Native American businesses from small to large. In its May 2019 issue, Native Business named the Native Business Top 50 Entrepreneurs.

Stories to read right now: Daily Digest: A Tribe in Northern Wisconsin Turns Food Waste to Energy; and Native Business Drops its Leadership Issue, Honoring the Top 30 CEOs in Indian Country.

Top Native American News Sites - Native Business

6. Indianz.com

Indianz.com, which is operated by the Winnebago Tribe, offers its own reporting with a national focus alongside stories aggregated from various Native American news sites. The broad coverage allows readers to stay up-to-date on news across all of Native America.

Story to read right now: ‘A tremendous opportunity’: New leader of National Congress of American Indians focuses on tribal sovereignty.

Top Native American News Sites - Indianz

7. Native News Online

Native News Online provides Native American news, politics, and issues from across the country. In addition, education, travel, and arts round out the site, offering a broad swath of interesting topics.

Stories to read right now: Cheyenne River Youth Project Continues to Offer Services During COVID-19 Pandemic; and Albuquerque Mayor announces search for missing Indigenous children’s remains.

Top Native American News Sites - Native News Online

8. Native Max

Founded in 2012, Native Max was the nation’s first Native American fashion magazine. While the concentration is firmly on fashion, Native Max mixes in arts, cuisine, entertainment, and culture to provide a complete and modern view of the Native Americans making marks on their fields.

Story to read right now: Beyond Essentials: 5 Statement Pieces from Native Designers You Should Own.

Top Native American News Sites - Native Max Magazine

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