Media Insider: Instagram Hides Likes, Hearst Staffers Unionize, Journalists Share Salaries

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Instagram is about to hide likes for some US users. Here’s what to expect

In 2017, a study deemed Instagram the worst app for young people’s mental health. Since then, Instagram has been rethinking how likes are making its platform more toxic. For the last couple months, Instagram tested changing how users see likes on the platform in several countries and this week it started testing on selective accounts in the U.S. While in test mode, the owner of the account can still see their own likes, but their followers won’t know the like count. Users can still see a list of accounts who have liked the post but they will not see a running number. The majority of international users are reporting positive feedback and believe their well-being has improved since the platform has changed. However, users and psychologists in the U.S. remain skeptical of the possibility for positive change and don’t believe removing likes is enough to make an impact.

How does this change impact influencers? Read what influencers are saying about Instagram likes being hidden.

Journalists’ New Kind of Expose: Uncovering Their Salaries

In recent news, media employees at a wide range of media organizations have joined together to unionize and demand their employers be more transparent about salaries. This week those employees took matters into their own hands when a mysterious spreadsheet emerged with the purpose of shedding light on pay disparities. Over 1,000 media employees have added to the spreadsheet by voluntarily giving details such as title, company, salary, years of experience, job duties, gender identity, and ethnicity. Verbiage at the top of the spreadsheet states, “So, let’s share what we make and relevant info to help each other learn our worth!” While the creator of the spreadsheet remains unknown, the message is loud and clear: “Knowledge is power.”

Check out the spreadsheet.

Hearst magazines staffers are unionizing across two dozen publications

Employees across 24 major brands owned by Hearst Magazines banned together this week to form a union, becoming one of the largest editorial units in the media industry. This union, being formed with Writers Guild of America East, is just one of many in recent news as journalists quickly respond to continuing cuts and layoffs in the industry. Harper’s Bazaar staffer Olivia Fleming stated: “The issues we want to address as a union are universal and aren’t subject to brand by brand. Around overarching themes of transparency, diversity, having a seat at the table.”

More journalists responses: BBC News reporters are horrified by BBC-branded content for Huawei.

Barron’s Group and Nasdaq have teamed up to launch a new weekly show

Dow Jones’ Barron’s Group debuted MarketBrief, a weekly 10-minute digital show covering financial news that investors need to know. The live show will be hosted by Caroline Woods and filmed at Nasdaq MarketSite in New York’s Times Square. Guests on the show will include analysts, investors, CEOs, reporters, and editors from Barron’s and MarketWatch. The main goal of the new, abbreviated format is to make Barron’s a more accessible brand in hopes of widening its audience. Almar Latour, Barron’s Group publisher, states, “We aim to help people in their decision-making on the market and in investments. That’s the unique aspect of Barron’s Group: We’re actionable, and we offer actionable insights.”

Check out the newest audio series from The New York Times: The Latest.

Verizon’s Yahoo Launches Sports Betting Through MGM Resorts — But Only for Users in New Jersey

Yahoo Sports entered the gambling business with the launch of Yahoo Sportsbook. This new section of Yahoo Sports, powered by BetMGM, allows fans to see betting odds for various sports. Users of a legal age in New Jersey also will have the option to place bets. Yahoo Sportsbook comes from a multiyear collaboration between Verizon Media, MGM Resorts, and Roar Digital. In the future, the companies hope to expand Yahoo Sportsbook to include additional betting options, live events, and original content. MGM Resorts also will promote Yahoo Sports content across its properties and platforms and Yahoo Sports will host sports-related events at MGM Resorts properties.

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