2019 Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Practical Gift Ideas for Journalists and Bloggers

2019 Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for Journalists and Bloggers

It can be hard to find a good gift for the journalists and bloggers on your list.

This year, why not focus on getting a gift to make both their job and life easier?

Last week we gave you some great gift ideas for the photographers in your life. Now, we invite you to check out our list of eight gift ideas for professional storytellers.

1. Plan it out

Time management is important for any profession, but for a writer on-the-go it can really help to simplify a hectic schedule.

Try gifting a custom planner or organizer to help keep track of it all. Check out Poynter’s list of recommended planners for journalists.


2. Time to unwind

2019 was a big year for news, and 2020 is likely to be even bigger. It’s important for journalists to take care of themselves amidst the chaos.

For the stressed-out storyteller, a subscription to meditation apps like Headspace could be a great gift. Another option could be a stress relief gift box like this one found on Etsy.


3. On the move

For the on-the-go writer, a good bag is a must. There are a ton of great options out there — from backpacks to messenger bags. Try taking a look at what they currently use or ask if there’s a bag they’ve had their eye on!

Personalized luggage tags, a comfy travel pillow, or other travel essentials are good gifts for travel journalists and bloggers.


4. Stay calm and refuel

To help your writer start the year on the right foot, give a gift to help them refuel. Does the blogger on your list love coffee? A coffee subscription would be a good gift for them.

There also are plenty of healthy meal and snack subscriptions to help them take care of themselves without involving a ton of extra prep.


5. Listen up

It may sound like an exaggeration, but a Spotify Premium subscription is easily one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

More than just music, there’s tons of great podcasts to listen to and learn from. If they already have a subscription, maybe try a nice set of headphones or some merch from their favorite band or podcast.


6. Can’t go wrong with a classic

For a journalist or blogger that’s used to using screens, there’s always the tried and true option of gifting them a personalized journal.

Take it a step further and find a nice notebook with words of inspiration. Or perhaps pair the gift with a book of affirmations to motivate and inspire.


7. Love of learning

For the writer who loves to learn, why not get a book or class to help them sharpen their skills?

If they’re in need of a new good book, check out our suggestions of 6 books every journalist should read.

An online class or webinar could be a good fit for a blogger looking to learn and grow in the new year.


8. Make them smile

Writing is hard. It may seem simple, but small gifts to make them smile go a long way.

I know this gift suggestion is subjective-verging-on-unhelpful, but this is where your own creativity comes in.

For inspiration, check out this journalist page on Etsy. It’s full of funny, cute, writer-themed trinkets that would be perfect for the writer on your list.


We’d love to hear your suggestions of gifts you’ve gotten and loved, or purchases that made life as a professional storyteller easier! If you still need ideas, check out our 2018 gift guide.

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