On PR Newswire: A Warm 2019, Consumer Confidence Stable, Switzerland Still the #1 Country

With thousands of press releases published each week, it can be difficult to keep up with everything on PR Newswire for Journalists. Here are some of this week’s most newsworthy:

On PR Newswire - Jan 17 2020 - View of Earth from space

Source: PRNewsfoto/Planet earth

NASA, NOAA Analyses Reveal 2019 Second Warmest Year on Record

According to independent analyses by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Earth’s global surface temperatures in 2019 were the second warmest since modern recordkeeping began in 1880. Globally, 2019 temperatures were second only to those of 2016 and continued the planet’s long-term warming trend: the past five years have been the warmest of the last 140 years.

On PR Newswire - Jan 17 2020 - Several container ships near a dock

Source: PRNewsfoto/Global trade

Global Consumer Confidence Unchanged

The Conference Board Global Consumer Confidence Index, conducted in collaboration with Nielsen, was unchanged in Q4 2019 at 107 (a reading of 100 or above is considered positive). The index has been relatively flat in recent quarters, despite hovering at historically high levels for more than a year.

On PR Newswire - Jan 17 2020 - Swiss flag flying in front of snow-covered mountains

Source: PRNewsfoto/Switzerland

Switzerland Continues its Reign at the Top of the 2020 Best Countries Report

Switzerland, Canada, and Japan maintain their dominance in the overall 2020 Best Countries Report, a ranking and analysis project by U.S. News & World Report, BAV Group, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. This year, the project evaluated the perceptions of 73 nations across a range of categories, from economic influence and military might to education and quality of life, to determine which countries wield the most influence on a global scale.

On PR Newswire - Jan 17 2020 - Taco Bell 2020 Purpose Commitments

Source: PRNewsfoto/Taco Bell

Taco Bell Rings in 2020 With Bold New Commitments

Taco Bell has made bold commitments to set itself apart ever since its first restaurant opened in 1962 and 2020 is no different. Among the most notable of the new commitments, the brand is making all consumer-facing packaging recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025 worldwide. Taco Bell will be offering paid sick time for all corporate-owned restaurant employees, plans to test a $100,000 salary for managers of company-owned restaurants in select markets, and will continue to champion easy and accessible vegetarian options around the world.

On PR Newswire - Jan 17 2020 - Fiesta Dinnerware Butterscotch

Source: PRNewsfoto/Fiesta

Fiesta Dinnerware Introduces New 2020 Color Butterscotch

Fiesta Dinnerware, the colorful made-in-the-USA brand that has made the world’s most collected dishes since 1936, is proud to announce its 52nd color. Fiesta’s 2020 color is Butterscotch, a vibrant shade of orangey-yellow reminiscent of its namesake. “Butterscotch is a vibrant, cheerful addition to the 2020 Fiesta color spectrum,” said Rich Brinkman, VP sales and marketing at Homer Laughlin. “It’s a warm and inviting nostalgic color that complements so many of the existing Fiesta colors.”

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Larry Grady is online content manager at PR Newswire for Journalists.  He has worked in business media for nearly 30 years and enjoys reality TV and daydreaming about travel and wine.

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