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Fashion Blogs We Love -

Fashion Weeks are upon us. As New York Fashion Week begins to wrap up, many bloggers, journalists, and fashion lovers are preparing for London, Milan, and Paris shows in the coming days and weeks.

With these events in mind, I thought I’d recognize a few unique fashion blogs to have on your radar.

There are countless fashion blogs out there, so please let us know in the comments if you have a favorite that deserves to be celebrated!

These are a few fashion blogs that stand out to me personally. They cover a range of fashion topics, including affordable fashion, fashion for men, plus-size fashion, and fashion for women of any age.

1. Budget Fashionista

Affordable fashion? Yes, please! Editor Catherine Brock “loves nice things but hates paying for them” and started this blog in 2003 to help readers find the perfect piece for a great price.

Staying up-to-date on the latest trends can put a dent in your wallet – these posts can help. The site covers style advice for all ages and body shapes, shopping hacks, beauty tips, and more.

Check out: Fashion Update on the Cheap! Amazing Accessories to Revamp Your Style, Fast; Make This Year Your Best Yet: Stylish Tools That’ll Help You Stick to Those New Year’s Resolutions; and Where to Find Cheap Designer Shoes.

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Fashion Blogs We Love - @budget.fashionista on Instagram

Credit: @budget.fashionista on Instagram

2. That’s Not My Age

Alyson Walsh is a freelance journalist, former magazine fashion editor, and author. Her award-winning blog, That’s Not My Age, celebrates style for women of all ages.

The “grown-up guide to great style” also includes posts on skincare, menopause, travel, and lifestyle, among other topics. I’d also recommend checking out the podcast, in which Walsh and her stylish guests discuss age, careers and, of course, fashion.

Four styling tips to make your favourite old clothes feel new again; I’m 56 and proud – and here’s what I know about women in their 50s; and The mood-boosting properties of a colourful coat are great reads.

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Fashion Blogs We Love - @thatsnotmyage on Instagram

Credit: @thatsnotmyage on Instagram

3. From Head To Curve

Blogger Ashley Morgan runs this plus-size fashion blog that also includes posts on beauty and lifestyle. As she explains on the site, “This space was created with the intent that plus-size women everywhere can know they are not alone, and we too will live life to the fullest (and in style, of course).”

The blog also has a popular YouTube channel with more than 27,000 subscribers. Videos include skincare routines, clothing “try-ons,” hair tips, and more.

Recommended posts: 3 Things I’ve Learned Since Starting My Fashion Blog; 20 Plus Size Wedding Dresses Under $500; and The Best Workwear for the Office.

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Fashion Blogs We Love - @fromheadtocurve on Instagram

Credit: @fromheadtocurve on Instagram

4. He Spoke Style

Brian Sacawa created this blog that combines men’s style inspiration with information and offers “approachable, honest and relatable content for regular guys interested in menswear.” Since the blog launched in 2013, He Spoke Style has amassed a really impressive following – it has nearly 90,000 subscribers on YouTube and 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Posts cover style guides for specific items (tuxes, vests, dress shoes, etc.), packing tips, and more. The glossary of fashion terms also is a great addition to the blog, in case you aren’t familiar with items like blucher shoes or raglan coats.

Here are a few helpful posts: How To Pack It: The Dress Shirt; Wedding Seasoned: Tips on Buying Your First Tux; and The Oxford Shoe Trinity: The Only Three You’ll Ever Need.

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Fashion Blogs We Love - @hespokestyle on Instagram

Credit: @hespokestyle on Instagram

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